Ruta graveolens


Mind.-- Apprehensive anxiety. Dejected and melancholy in afternoon and evening. Low spirits and mental relaxation.

Head.-- Great heat in, with anxious restlessness. Throbbing (or tearing) pain in forehead. Ache, as of a nail being driven in. Headache after excessive indulgence in spirituous liquors.

External Head.-- Tensive drawing in periosteum as after a fall or blow with gatherings on scalp, paining as if festering when touched. Benumbed or bruised feeling of side lain on. Eating, itching ulcers on. Humid scurfs like scald head. Worse: Rest, lying on painful part, cold, wet weather. Better: Motion.

Eyes.-- Spasms of lower lids, drawing tarsal cartilages back and forth. Tears and watering of, in open air, not when in room. Heat, in evening when reading by artificial light. Spots on cornea. Pain, as if strained. Short sight. Obscured vision, like a gauze or fog before., from reading too much. A green halo encircles the light in evening.

Ears.-- Crushed pain in cartilages. Pain, like a thrust or fall, below mastoid process.

Nose.-- Nosebleed with pressure in root of. Sweat on dorsum.

Face.-- Swelling and erysipelas on forehead. Face-ache as from a thrust or contusion in periosteum of zygoma.

Teeth.-- Burning in lower. Gums bleed easily.

Mouth.-- Sticky dryness of. Sense of a lump in throat during empty swallowing. Spasm of tongue with difficult speech.

Taste: Tastelessness of food.

Stomach.-- Gnawing sensation, from emptiness thereof, as if from hunger. Weak from vomiting. Pinching, after eating bread. Stomachache from uncooked or indigestible foods.

Hypochondriac: Pressive gnawing in hepatic region. Painful swelling of spleen.

Appetite: Vanishes on beginning to ear, with repugnance to all food. Unquenchable thirst for cold water, in afternoon.

Eructations: Foul, after eating meat. Hysterical.

Nausea: In pit of stomach. Sudden nausea and vomiting of food when eating. Vomiting of worms in children.

Abdomen.-- Eating and gnawing in navicular region. Bruised pain in loins when sitting after walking. Bellyache of children, caused by worms.

Stool.-- Soft, difficult, from inactivity of rectum. Frothy, mucous diarrhoea alternating with constipation. Frequent urging, with small, soft discharges. Ineffectual urging, with prolapsus.

Rectum.-- Tearing and stitching. Prolapses, with every stool either hard or soft.

Urine.-- Frequent urging with a scanty, greenish discharge. Violent pressure on bladder, as though, ' it were constantly full. Even after every passage of urine there is a constant urging. Retained. Involuntary discharge, at night when in bed and during day when moving about. Frequent urination at night. Kidney gravel.

Female.-- Menses: Very irregular, too early and too profuse. Scanty, discharge of blood lasting only two days, preceded and followed by milk leucorrhoea. Corroding leucorrhoea after cessation of menses.

Respiration.-- Short. Anxious obstruction of, from stitches in chest.

Cough.-- Forcible, with expectoration of tenacious mucus and inclination to vomit. With copious, purulent expectoration. Expectoration of thick, yellow mucus, almost without cough, with a sense of weakness in chest.

Larynx.-- Pain as from a blow or contusion.

Chest.-- Erosive eating and gnawing in. Stitches in. Ulcerative phthisis following injuries. Anxious palpitation. A painful spot on sternum, which is sore when pressed.

Back.-- Bruised pain in, and in lumbar region. Pain in lumbar region and coccyx as after a blow or having been struck. Stitches in lumbar region when sitting, but when pressed upon or when lying on back there is no pain.

Upper Extremities.-- Pain as from a blow in elbow joint and fingers. Bruised pain and tearing in radius and bones of hand when pressed upon. Lameness and stiffness of wrist after a sprain, most violent during cold, wet weather sprained pain or stitches in wrist. Painfulness of wrist, when lifting a weight. Numbness and crawling in hands after exertion. Distorted fingers. Distended blood vessels on hands.

Lower Extremities.-- Pain in hip, as though' bones were beaten, or as from a blow or fall, especially during motion. Bruised pain in thighs, as though' middle of femur were beaten or broken. Restlessness and heaviness of legs. Weariness and weakness in legs after walking. Sense of shortening and weakness in hamstrings, especially when descending. (Kali bi.). lame ankle following sprains. Fistulous ulcers on lower leg. When stepping there is an eroding burning in bones of feet.

Generalities.-- Bruised pains, or as from a blow, fall or contusion, in limbs and joints. Bruised sensation in parts wherein he lies. Painful weariness, like a bruised feeling, after moderate exertion. Paralysis after sprains, especially of wrists and ankles. Worm complaints of children. Rest and motion pains in limbs. Worse: In cold, wet weather.

Bones.-- Pain in cylindrical bones, as though' they were broken. Contusions and injuries of, and of periosteum.

Skin.-- Eating itching on. Easy excoriation from walking or riding, also in children. Inflamed ulcers. Anasarca. Warts.

Sleep.-- Sleepiness, especially after eating.

Fever.-- Pulse: Somewhat accelerated during the heat only. Chill: Internal with shuddering and shaking, even near a warm stove. Coldness running over one side of head. Mostly in back, running upward and downward. With violent thirst, heat of face and dullness in head. With much yawning and stretching. Heat: Over entire body, mostly in afternoon, without thirst, but with anxiety, restlessness and obstructed breathing. External and internal heat, of face, with red cheeks and cold hands and feet. Frequent, sudden flushes running over him. Sweat: cold, on face, early in morning in bed, generally after walking in open air.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Open., Kali-bi., Nat-m.

Complementary: Calc-p.