rumex crispus

Dry, sensitive mucous membranes. Stickiness, with burning. Every cold affects the joints. Sharp pains; neuralgias, etc. Obesity.

Eyes burn, indoors; puffed in A.M. Dry posterior nares. Sneezing attacks. Sodden complexion. Hawks out much tenacious mucus. Throat feels hollow. Ravenous appetite. Borborygmi. Sudden, profuse, foul, early morning diarrhœa (5-9 A.M.); after catarrh; in phthisis. Respiration < wind. Suffocative choking. Dyspnœa, on retiring. EVERY BREATH OF COLD AIR CAUSES TICKLING, as from a feather or dust, IN THROAT-PIT, AND CONTINUOUS COUGH; > closing or covering mouth or head. Profuse, frothy expectoration. Pain from right ovary to back. Pain, rawness or burning under clavicle (l); as if the air penetrated there. Chest sore. Pain under sternum; under left nipple. Heart seems impeded, then heavy pulsation through chest. Pain in left shoulder on coughing or raising arm. Right scapula. Spasmodic cramps in ankles and feet. Skin itches if exposed to air. Acne vulgaris on back. Sudden sleepiness.