rhododendron chrysanthum

Gouty-rheumatic subjects. SENSITIVE TO WINDY OR STORMY, WET WEATHER. Sensitive to windy weather, even if he is in house. Tearing, zigzag, boring, rapidly changing, descending, paralytic pains.

Confused and stupid; forgets his subject (Bar-c.). Headache, < early in bed, > eating. Throbbing in right head. Deafness long after rising. Nostrils obstructed alternately. Tearing, jerking faceache or toothache; > food or warmth. Cool drinks lie heavy. Colic at navel. Pain from rectum to genitals. Diarrhœa, < fruit. Profuse, foul, urine. Drawing from spermatic cord into abdomen and thighs. Testes and glans feel crushed. Testes hard; pain alternately. Orchitis. Itching, sweaty, wrinkled scrotum. Hydrocele (of boys). Menses with fever. Bruised, sprained feeling in chest and wrists. Strong heart-beat. As of a weight hanging to feet. Wants to cross legs. Drawing, tearing in periosteum of long bones and under scalp. Rheumatism of hot weather (reverse-Rhus-t.). Formication; with sweat. Must cross legs to sleep.