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Mind.-- Morose, gloomy disposition. Great indifference. Great forgetfulness.

Vertigo.-- Dull confusion of head and sleepiness, early in morning after rising.

Head.-- Pressive pain in forehead and temples, as though' in bones. tearing, seemingly in bones. Burrowing in forehead and temples. Tension in forehead, Worse: Early in morning while lying quietly in bed, wine, cold wet weather. Better: rising, during motion.

External Head.-- Violent drawing and tearing in bones and periosteum of skull. Festering or bruised pain. Biting itching on, in evening. Worse: Before storms, stormy weather, during rest Better: Dry warmth warm wraps.

Eyes.-- Periodically recurring dry burning in, especially from bright daylight and when looking intensely at an object. Spasmodic contraction of lids. dim vision when reading and writing.

Ears.-- Violent, jerking, tearing ache. Sensation of worm in. Whizzing and buzzing in, increased by swallowing.

Nose.-- Frequent nosebleed. Diminished sense of smell and taste. Fluent coryza with one sided obstruction at root, accompanied by loss of smell and taste. Increased flow of mucus, in open air.

Face.-- Shivering on. Burning dryness of lips. Vesicles on inner side of lower lip, with excoriative pain when eating.

Teeth.-- Nightly toothache with earache. Drawing tearing pain in molars, before or during storms and in cold wet weather, touch. Swelling and excoriative pain between lower gums and cheek.

Mouth.-- Constriction and burning in throat. Much accumulation of mucus in, with a dry palate.

Taste: Tastelessness of food.

Stomach.-- Nightly pressure in. Pressure, after drinking cold water. Pressure in pit, with oppressed breathing.

Hypochondriac: Crampy pain under short ribs. Stitches in spleen from walking rapidly. Tension in splenic region when stooping.

Appetite: Rapid satiation with subsequent discomfort. Increased thirst.

Nausea: Sickening n., with pressure in stomach and accumulation of water in mouth, by eructations.

Abdomen.-- Distension of upper, with oppressed breathing.

Flatulence: Painfully, obstructed flatus in hypochondriac and lumbar regions. Much rumbling and grumbling in abdomen.

Stool.-- Soft, papescent s., but passed with difficulty, after previous violent urging. Diarrhoea: After fruit or during cold, wet weather, tendency to.

Urine.-- Frequent urging to urinate with drawing in region of bladder. Increased discharge of very foul smelling urine.

Sexual organs.-- Drawing from rectum into g. Retraction and swelling of testes. Indurated testes. Crushing pain in testes. Wrinkling up (or hydrocele) of scrotum. Aversion to coition.

Female.-- Menses: Too early and too profuse. Suppressed.

Respiration.-- Tightness of: From constriction of chest, from pressure in hypochondriac.

Cough.-- At night and early in the morning, exhausting, dry cough, with oppression of chest and roughness in throat.

Chest.-- Pressive pain in, with tight breathing. Strong congestion of blood to. Bruised pain in external.

Back.-- Bruised sensation and tearing in, and in lumbar region.

Neck: Rheumatic tension in muscles of throat, with stiff nape.

Upper Extremities.-- Tearing in forearm, as though' in periosteum, during cold, wet weather. Sensation as though' the blood stagnated n arm. Increased warmth in hands.

Lower Extremities.-- Excoriative pain in thighs near genitals. cold sensation and wrinkling of skin of lower legs. Dropsical swelling of legs and feet. Tearing in legs and fee, t as though' in periosteum, worst when at rest and during cold wet weather. Extraordinarily cold feet.

Generalities.-- Violent, rheumatic tearing in limbs, as though' in periosteum, mostly in forearm and leg, worse when parts are at rest and during cold, wet weather. Sense of formication in limbs. Paralytic weakness of limbs when at rest. Digging, drawing in joints, as though' they would be dislocated, both gouty nodes and swelling thereof. Painful fevers Most complaints appear early in morning. Pains are excited and intensified by cold, wet weather and storms, Pains are most intense during rest. Attacks often cease foe several days and then reappear again.

Bones.-- Drawing and tearing in periosteum.

Skin.-- Dropsical swellings.

Sleep.-- Great day sleepiness, with burning in eyes. Before midnight, good, sound sleep, but after, sleeplessness with dry heat. Restlessness and frequent awaking toward morning.

Fever.-- Pulse: Weak and slow. Chill: Over entire body in morning in bed and during day when cold air blows on him. Alternating with heat. Icy cold feet for a long time after lying down in bed in evening. Heat: In evening, with cold feet. Sensation of warmth, especially on hands, although they are cold to touch. Feverish heat, in evening, with burning of face. Sweat: Very profuse and debilitating, especially during motion in open air. Offensive smelling s., in axillae. Aromatic smelling. During sweats itching and formication in skin.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: BRY., Calc., Carb-a., Carb - v., Caust., CLEM., Merc., Nux - v., RHUS-T., Sep.