Ranunculus sceleratus


Mind.-- Indolence and aversion to mental exertion, early in morning. Low - spirited and depressed mood in evening.

Head.-- Gnawing ache in region of vertex or temples. The head feels distended and thick. Contraction of scalp. Biting itching on scalp.

Eyes.-- Biting gnawing in, and in canthi. Painful pressure in balls.

Ears.-- Earache, with pressive or gnawing headache and drawing in teeth.

Nose.-- Biting and crawling in.

Face.-- Slight drawing in, with cold sensation down the cheek. Sensation as though' covered with a spider web. Trembling about mouth (before vomiting). Sardonic laughter.

Teeth.-- In afternoon and evening painful, jerking drawing in upper molars. Sticking drawing in.

Mouth.-- Burning in throat. Scraping in throat. Salivation. Swelling of tonsils, with fleeting stitches therein.

Eructations: Tasting of ingesta, after eating.

Qualmishness especially after midnight.

Stomach.-- - Sore burning immediately over pit. Pressing and sensation of fullness in pit, external pressure.

Hypochondriac: Sticking and pressing in region of liver, spleen or kidneys.

Abdomen.-- Sense of a plug behind navel in morning. Nightly, screwing pressure behind navel. Twitching in walls.

Stool.-- Frequent, foul smelling, diarrhoeic s.

Respiration.-- Obstructed by gnawing behind sternum.

Chest.-- Periodically recurring bruised feeling in entire chest in evening. Stitches in. and in pectoral muscles. Gnawing. Sensitive, externally and sternum.

Back.-- Paralytic bruised feeling in small of.

Upper Extremities.-- Sticking, boring and gnawing in arms, most intense in fingers (chiragra). Swelling of fingers.

Lower Extremities.-- Sticking, boring and gnawing in legs, most intense in great toe (podagra).

Generalities.-- Eating. gnawing sensations. Boring and gnawing in various parts, especially in evening and before midnight. Convulsive twitchings in limbs. Fainting during the pains. Pains are toward evening, after midnight and then are replaced by sleeplessness.

Skin.-- Eruption of blisters containing an acrid, watery ichor.

Sleep.-- Sleepless after midnight, with anxiety, heat and thirst, on account of activity and great physical restlessness. Half slumber after midnight.

Fever.-- Pulse: Quick and full but soft, with nightly heat. Chill: And chilliness while eating. Heat: In room in evening, after walking in open air. Nightly dry heat, with violent thirst and strong ebullitions, most after midnight. Predominating. Sweat: After heat, towards morning, most profuse on forehead.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Ars., Aru - tri'., flu-ac., Puls., Verat - a.