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Aching, BRUISED, SORE and prostrate; yet restless. Bed seems hard. Bone pains. Foul, taste, secretions, odor of body, etc. Rosy, red streaks. Decomposition or sepsis.

Rapid ideation. Loquacious. Excited. Feels as if he covered the whole bed. Anxious and sensitive. Confused. Sense of duality. Hallucinations. Violent, throbbing headache. Pains are > during hot stage. Throbbings, < neck (Bell. Spi.). Sudden pulsation, with fever and intense restlessness. Rolls head side to side. Throbbing headache, > tight band. Sensation as of a cap on the head. Disgust at his own body odor. Fiery red, smooth tongue. Sweet taste. Nausea, > very hot drinks. Adhesive urinary sediment. Purring at heart. Feels heart; as if tired, big or full. PULSE QUICK, OUT OF ALL PROPORTION TO TEMPERATURE (Lil-t. Thyr.) or the reverse. Quickly oscillating temperature. The nails threaten to fly off. Chilly, wants to breathe heat of fire. Chills start between scapulæ; felt in bones; with sweat; at night. Fever, at menses. Puerperal sepsis. Slowly advancing hectic. Sweat, without relief; cold. Wants to inhale heat of fire.