Platina metallicum


Mind.-- Unconsciousness. Delirium. Mental disturbances from fright, or anger caused by vexation, i. e. alternate laughing and crying, etc. Hysteria. with excessive sexual desire, hauteur and involuntary weeping. Sadness and weeping in evening. Premonition and great fear of imminent death, with extraordinary anguish. Insanity, with fault - finding, pride, abscess talk, trembling and tonic spasms. Great peevishness. Pride and self - conceit, with contempt for everything else, even the most beloved and sacred things. Symptoms of mind and mood frequently alternate with those of body. Great indifference.

Head.-- Crampy pain, like an inward pressure in temples and forehead. Compressive cramping as of a constricting hand Sensation of a plug in parietal bone. Pains increase gradually and leave in the same manner. Crawling, like ants, and cold feeling from temple down over lower jaw. Numbness within as well as on skull. Brain feels stiff. The scalp seems to gradually contract tightly over the skull then slowly relax again. Worse: Evening: Stooping: sitting or lying at rest, in room. Better: Gentle motion in open air, rubbing.

Eyes.-- Cramp - like pain in edge of orbit. quivering or spasmodic trembling of lids. cold sensation in. Crawling in angles of. Smarting in. Objects appear smaller than they really are. ears. - Crampy pain like an earache. Numb sensation in, which extends to cheeks and lips. Reverberation and rolling like the noise of a wagon in.

Nose.-- Crampy pain, with numb sensation.

Face.-- Redness and burning heat of, with violent thirst, especially toward evening. Pale, sunken and numb. Crampy pain, with numb feeling in malar bone. Benumbing, dull pressure in malar bone. Lock - jaw. Sense of coldness, mostly about mouth. Bluish - red varicosity on chin.

Teeth.-- Crampy, jerky drawing in. Fissured gums.

Mouth.-- Cramp - like drawing in throat, as though it were constricted. Hawking of mucus. Burnt feeling on tongue.

Appetite, etc, - Ravenous hunger and hasty eating, with contemptuous mood. Low spirits causing aversion to food. thirstless.

Taste: Sweetish on tip of tongue.

Eructations: Ineffectual desire to eructate. Rising of a disagreeable bitter sweet fluid, during which he early swallows the wrong way.

Nausea, etc. - Continued qualmishness, with anxious weakness and trembling.

Stomach.-- Pressure, after eating. contractive pain in pit, as though' too tightly laced. Thrusts in pit.

Abdomen.-- Contractive pain in. Dull. thrusting pressure in. Burning extending from throat - pit down into a. Pressure, extending downward into inguinal region and sexual organs. Pinching is umbilical region. Drawing downward from lumbar region into both groins. Lead colic.

Stool.-- Sense of weakness in abdomen or shivering after stool. Constipation.

Anus.-- Itching, crawling and tenesmus at, every evening.

Urine.-- Frequent urination in a weak stream.

Sexual Organs.-- Painfully sensitive, internally and externally. Voluptuous crawling in, and in abdomen. Pressing and urging toward. Nymphomania and unnaturally excited sexual desire, especially in lying - in women.

Female.-- Menses: Of dark, thick blood, too early and too profuse (of too short duration). spasms at appearance of. Uterine hemorrhage, with greatly excited sexual desire, after miscarriage.

Respiration.-- Deep, anxious inspiration. shortness of breath, as though' chest were too tightly laced, with anxious, warm rising. Desire to take a deep breath, hindered by a weak feeling in chest.

Larynx, etc.-- Loss of voice.

Chest.-- Dull, thrusting pressure in. Tensive, crampy pains seemingly in external chest, increasing and decreasing gradually. Anxious palpitation.

Back.-- Tensive, cramp - like, numb feeling in, and in lumbar region. bruised pain in, and in lumbar region, especially when pressed upon or bending backward.

Neck: Tensive, crampy feeling in. Stiffness of nape.

Upper extremities.-- Paralytic drawing and sense of weakness in arms. Crawling pain in arms and hands. Stiff sensation in forearms. Ulcers on fingers and toes.

Lower Extremities.

Cramping pain in legs. Stiff feeling in legs. Swelling of balls of toes, with nightly tearing.

Generalities.-- Cramp - like pains in many parts, especially in extremities and joints, dull, thrust - like or inward pressing pains like the deriving in of a plug. Benumbing cramps. Tension in limbs, as though' tightly bound. Paralytic, numb and stiff sensation in various parts, generally accompanied by a feeling of coldness. Paralytic weakness and weariness in limbs, especially during rest. Hysterical, tetanic spasms, with full consciousness. Bad effects of fright and mortification, or of anger excited by vexation. the pains begin feebly, increases gradually and again disappear just as slowly. Most complaints are intensified in the evening and during rest. Especially suited to the female sex.

Skin.-- Excoriative painful biting, or prickling burning here and there.

Sleep.-- Spasmodic yawning, in afternoon. Lascivious dreams.

Fever.-- Pulse: Small, weak and often tremulous. Chill: In evening, with trembling and tremulous sensation thro' whole body. Shaking c., when passing from a room into open (even warm) air. and chilliness predominate with peevishness, which passes off later during the beat. Alternating with symptoms of the intellect and disposition. Heat: With a sense of burning redness of face, when it is neither noticeable nor present. Flying heat, inter - mingled with shivering. Gradually increasing and diminishing in a like manner. Sweat: Only during sleep, disappearing immediately on waking.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Ag-c., Asaf., Bell., Caust., Croc., Dig., Ign., LACH., Men Merc., PLB. PULS., Saba., Sobi., Stront.