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A remedy of pains. For prim old maids. Oversensitive mind and nerves. Violent cramping, squeezing, thrusting or numbing pains, and then spasms. Neuralgia. Many and various ovarian or uterine reflexes. Irregular spasm, congestion of blood or coldness of single parts, eyes, ears, etc. Tremor. Alternate mental and physical or sexual symptoms. Numbness; scalp, face, coccyx, calves, etc. Bandaged feeling. Sticky; tears, stool, menses, etc.

Laughs at wrong time. Unkind, abrupt and quarrelsome. Disordered sense of proportion; objects seem smaller, strange, frightful, etc. Hysteria. Horrors; fears death. CONTEMPT. Hauteur. Proud and erotic (Aur.). Alone, deserted feeling. Mentally < in twilight. Bad humor, yet weeps. Gradually increasing, then slowly lessening headache. Clavus. Tense scalp. Cramp at root of nose. Grimaces. Boring in jaws. Congestion to abdomen. Colic. Hard, black, scant or soft, difficult stools; of tourists; of pregnancy. Crawling itching anus in evening. Painfully sensitive genitals, with itching, tickling or crawling. Dark, thick, profuse menses, with dragging. Heat in ovaries. Ovarian irritation. Vaginismus. Dysmenorrhœa, with shrieks and jerks. Eroticism. Onanism. Spasmodic yawning. Bruised backache, < pressure or bending backward. Knees drawn up and spread apart. Cramp in calves. In sleep wants to uncover entirely.