Phytolacca decandra


Mind.-- Loss of personal delicacy. Indisposition to mental exertion. Indifference. Half stupor.

Vertigo.-- As if intoxicated, with nausea and dim vision. Faintness on raising up.

Head.-- Head thrown back. Aching, which moves about, above one brow, with nausea, cool sweat on forehead and weakness, in temples, with sense of suffocation, in forehead, extending backward (Bry.), with acute hearing. Pressure, Bursting, painful in forehead and upper part of eyes, with gaping in vertex, with dryness. Bruised soreness in, more in occiput or right side. Heaviness extending thro' shoulders, chest and legs, with vertigo. shooting in, when leucorrhoea begins. Worse: Stopping down, looking down, stooping. Better: Eating, open air.

Eyes.-- Sunken, inflamed, flowing hot tears. Smarting. Balls painful, feel too large. Lids reddish blue, swollen, edematous, agglutinated, as of coals of fire on. Sandy feeling in. Shooting from left to top of head. Worse: From gaslight.

Nose.-- Drawing about root. Sore, with profuse, acrid, watery coryza. Stoppage of one nostril, flow of mucus from the other. Tickling in. Burning in.

Face.-- Dark yellowness of, and of sclerotic. Purple - red, bluish, sickly pallor of, suffering expression. Pain in bones of, and in all joints. feeling of mumps coming on. Jaws ache.

Mouth.-- Inclination to bite teeth together, they feel sore and elongated. Tongue: Red at tip, blisters on sides, pain at root on swallowing, burnt feeling at base, and in throat. Heat, swelling and tenderness of tongue, tonsils and palate. Saliva: Thick, ropy and tenacious, flowing from mouth, yellow, metallic tasting: cold.

Taste: Like nuts, bitter, then smarting and cool towards tip of tongue.

Throat.-- Congested and dark red. Sore, rough and dry, with aching in neck, back and limbs. Choking as from a lump, hot ball or apple - core lodged therein. Smarting or raw, scraped feeling in. Much hawking to clear it of increased mucus, with, no relief. Excruciating pains shoot through ears on attempting to swallow. Eruption in Worse: Hot drinks. Better: Liquids.

Stomach.-- Intense thirst. Violent retching and vomiting, distress so intense, he desired death. Vomiting, with purging, with eructations (Arg - n), painless. Vomit: Bloody, dark bilious, acrid, causing scraping and excoriation in throat. Empty retching. Agonizing cramps and coldness, with cutting, tearing, straining pain in, then soreness on pressure, diarrhoea and prostration. Bruised soreness in pit. Burning in. Sickly feeling in. Worse: Morning, eating.

Abdomen.-- Much flatus. Boring or burning griping about navel. Weakness in.

Rectum.-- Pain shooting from r., along perineum into penis.

Stool.-- Diarrhoea, with sickly feeling in bowels, preceded by cramping about navel, followed by faintness. Continual inclination to, with much straining. Involuntary, from much straining, which continues even in sleep. Copious, of blood, mucus and like scrapings of intestines. Dark brown, Painless. With fearful tenesmus. vomiting and purging.

Urinary Organs.-- Weakness, pain and soreness in kidney region. Straining to urinate. Kidneys inflamed. Urine: diminished, with pain in iodine, retained, albuminous, chalky sediment.

Sexual organs.-- Sharp or hard grinding pains run up spermatic cords, followed by soreness. Gurgling in prostate gland. Bearing down pains, involuntary straining and hemorrhage from vagina. Intermittent contractive, uterine pains. Menses suppressed. Profuse, ropy leucorrhoea. Loss of sexual appetite, relaxed genitals. Mammae full, containing lungs.

Respiratory Organs.-- Dry, croupy cough, with burning in larynx and trachea. Cough with nausea, excited by scraping and tickling in throat, worse in cold air. Expectoration tough. Hoarse. Dryness in Feels as if breathing thro' a sponge.


Painful muscles. Pain in region of right nipple through to back. Worse: After midnight. Better: Afternoon.

Heart.-- Shocks of pain in region of, then in right arm, worse walking. Constrictive feeling in precordia with pressure in temples. Pulse slow.

Back.-- Neck: Stiffness of, and of back at night. Pain in back of, running down spine, also in upper jaw and teeth.

Back: Backache. Aching weight and pressure on scapulae. Intense griping in small of, with cramps in lower extremities, which come and go suddenly, the muscles gather in knots, then become flaccid and sore, followed by drossiness and stupor. Shooting pains in sacrum, down outer side of both thighs to feet.

Extremities.-- Rheumatic and neuralgic pains affect the outer side and seem near surface of skin or bones. Corpse - like coldness, they look withered. Rheumatism of shoulders, Throbbing, aching or pricking needle - like pains as is suppurating, in finger - tips. Pains below knees and elbows Hamstrings seem too short. Heavy. Stiff. Spasmodic jerking of. \rheumatic feeling in all joints. Worse: Sitting. Better: Elevating feet.

Generalities.-- General soreness, with tired aching and restlessness. Great muscular debility. lassitude and desire to lie down. Dark or purple redness of affected parts. Affects the right side especially the shoulder and thigh. Pains appear and disappear suddenly and are often followed by itching, burning or soreness. Universal throbbing. Smarting sensations. convulsions, hands clenched, toes flexed, eyes bleared and dancing, with alternate spasm and relaxation of facial muscles. Many symptoms are accompanied by heat. All the secretions are greatly increased, tears. Saliva, etc. Worse: Motion: raising up, wet weather, at night, open air, pressure, at eleven AM. Better: Eating: warm, dry weather.

Skin.-- Aching and hardness in glands. Itching rash with a dry, hot, red skin, desire for cold bathing, which relieves momentarily, bit is worse afterwards, worse from scratching and heat of bed. Elevated erythematous eruption, painfully sore itching, terminating in a dark purple node. Causes suppuration of tumors, boils, etc. Cold and blues, purplish red, lead - colored.

Fever.-- Chill: Chilliness uncovering, internally during pains. Heat: Burning heat, especially on soles of feet, which seem bloated like puff - balls. In throat, stomach and rectum. With fullness of head, red face and cold feet. Sweat: Cool, mostly on forehead. Free on feet, most under toes. Profuse with the vomiting and purging.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Bell., Bry., cimi., Cimi., dulc., Hell., Ign., Kali-bi., Kali - iod., Merc., Nux-v., rhus - t.

Antidotes. - dig., Dig., Ign. Nit - ac., Op.

Complementary. - sil.