physostigma venenosum

Weakness; muscles won't respond or draw into knots; < cold. Weakness in lower limbs; coming from a spot between hips. Cramp in left calf at night in bed. Shuddering, < every draft. Horror of cold water. Averse to bathing.

Active mind, even during sleep. Floating sensation. Nothing seems right. Brain falls to side lain on. Pains from forehead down nose. Sensation as of a tight cap on head. Vertigo; stumbles on ascending or descending steps. Sensation as of a band about head. Twitching of eye muscles or of nose. Can't bear to raise eyelids. Accommodation affected. Seems to have swallowed a lump. Torpid bowels. Numb womb. Flushes of heat, < in palms. Sore bloated, red navel; hypogastrium, < standing. Tremor; in head, eyes, vision, nose, teeth, muscles, etc. Dartings, here and there. Tense eye-lids, can't open or close them. Blood-shot eyes. Creeping numbness from occiput down spine. Licks lips. Teeth feel rough. Tongue feels oily; scalded. Loose skin feeling in roof of mouth. Thick, leathery saliva. Hic-cough with short breath. Gripe in right hypochondrium. Groins pain alternately. Abdomen, > extending legs. Numbness at womb. Offensive odor from hands. Sweat in excitement. Heart seems to flutter in throat or over body. Sensitive spine. Jerking limbs. Shudders from every draft of air. Attacks of overpowering sleepiness, with feeling as if to lose consciousness.