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Mind.-- Brain feels tired. Very irritable, easily flies into passion, with consequent suffering. Great anxiety and restlessness, especially when alone. Fear during storms, especially toward evening. Fear of work. Misanthropy. somnambulistic condition. Shamelessness. Clairvoyant state with heightened sensibility.

Vertigo.-- Whirling, when rising from bed in morning. Frequent, at all time of day. With nausea and pressive headache.

Head.-- Congestion, with burning, humming, buzzing and throbbing, in forehead, and a red face. Beating and burning in, with inflammation ascending from back into brain, and heat spreading from thence over entire body to feet. Outpressing, bursting, stupefying ache with a pale face. Enervation of, music, laughing, stepping hard, etc., are intolerable. cold feelings in occiput often alternating with heat, with benumbed feeling in brain. Empty feeling in, with vertigo. Stitches now here ow there, or over either eye. Tearing in one temple or side, passing into vertigo. Trusts and pressure. Worst Early on awaking till noon, after dinner, in warm room, sitting, in evening in bed, at rest, after anger, chewing, motion, stooping, mental exertion, after motion in open air, eating warm soup, changes of weather, storms, music. Better: Walking in cool air, after sleep, lying, rubbing, during meals, temporarily from pressure and after eating.

External Head.-- Tension, as if skin of forehead and face were too tight, often one sided only, when opening mouth. falling of whole tufts of hair from bregma and above ears, dryness of hair roots, much dandruff and itching of scalp scratching. Burning, itching, scale covered head, quickly and decidedly by scratching, but festering, burning pains follow. dry, painful, burning heat of, with desire to uncover it.

Eyes.-- Burning in, with profuse lachrymation in wind. Pressure as from a grain of sand in, with inflammation. Swelling of upper lid, with difficult moving of same. Myopia. Black, floating spots before vision. Day blindness wherein everything seems covered with gray.

Ears.-- Violent tearing and sticking in. Throbbing pounding and roaring in. Difficult hearing, especially for the human voice (Reverse Ign.). Words sound too loud and re - echo in ears.

Nose.-- Swelling and redness of. Nose bleed and blowing of blood from. Disagreeable dryness in. Fetid smell from. Numerous freckles on. Constant, greenish yellow discharge. Stuffed coryza.

Face.-- Dirty, pale countenance. Puffy, especially under eyes, they are deeply sunken and surrounded by blue rings. Tearing in bones of. Ulceration of angles of mouth.

Teeth.-- Tearing or sticking ache in open air and from warm foods. Painful as if suppurating, early in morning when chewing. the gums are swollen and bleed easily.

Mouth.-- Dryness of throat during day and night. Scratching and burning in throat. Increased, sweetish, salty saliva. Blood - spitting. Hawking of mucus early in morning. appearance like white fur or velvet in fauces.

Appetite: Loss of, with a full feeling in upper art of throat. Hunger after eating. Craves something refreshing. Thirst, with loss of appetite.

Taste: Sour after eating.

Eructations: Sour, spasmodic, with pain as though' something would be torn loose at the cardiac orifice of stomach.

Nausea, etc. - With hunger, early in morning. vomiting, with violent pains in stomach. Nightly vomiting of bile. Vomits soured food. Vomits cold drinks after they become warm in stomach.

Stomach.-- Fullness and pressure in. Burning in, and in pit. Painful to touch. Narrowing of the cardiac orifice. Sticking in, and in hypochondriae.

Hypochondria: Stitches in.

Abdomen.-- Distension of, after dinner. Burning in. Yellow spots on. tearing bellyache early in morning in bed.

Flatulence: Causing tormenting pains in abdomen, arising in region of short ribs, especially after dinner. Flatulent colic deep in abdomen. Obstructed flatus.

Stool.-- Chronic diarrhoea, as from paralysis of intestinal canal, stools preceded by rumbling in belly. Involuntary soft s. Watery, frequently greenish, mucus diarrhoea. Undigested, diarrhoeic s. Watery containing flocks. Discharge of blood with stool. discharge of mucus from the constantly open anus. (apis).

Anus and Rectum.-- - Hemorrhage from, External and internal hemorrhoids bleeding easily. Paralysis of sphincter.

Urine.-- Increased, watery. Iridescent, fatty pellicle on. Urinates often and a little at a time. Haematuria. Burning twitching in urethra when not urinating.

Sexual Organs.-- Greatly increased sexual desire. Excessive pollutions. Stitches in vagina, extend into uterus. Sterility caused by excessive venery.

Female.-- Menses: Too early, too profuse and long lasting. Discharge of blood during pregnancy. Biting, blistering leucorrhoea.

Respiration.-- Difficult, with anxiety in chest. Spasmodic rightness of chest. Nightly suffocative attacks.

Cough.-- Hollow, hacking c., excited tickling or itching in chest. with rawness and hoarseness in chest or with sticking in throat. Spasmodic. Dry, straining c., with bursting headache, excited by cold air or reading aloud. Dry in evening and night, in morning and by day expectoration of a tough, whitish mucus apparently mixed with dust, or of a yellow pus - like or a rust - colored, often cold mucus, of a sour, salty, or sweetish taste, or else of bright red, frothy blood. When shopping cough threatens an unfavorable course.

Larynx.-- Chronic hoarseness and roughness in. Complete aphonia, with dryness in trachea. Stitches in. Sense of a pieces of skin or flesh hanging loose in. Laryngeal phthisis. Membranous croup.

Chest.-- Anxiety in. constriction. Spasm of. Burning, piercing, soreness and tension in. Congestion to, and violent palpitation, from every emotion, especially vexation. Inflammation of lungs, with stitches in sides. Heaviness, fullness and tension on. suppuration of lungs Phthisis mucosa. Erysipelas, with sticking and burnings in female mammae. Suppurating ulcers on mammae, or festering pains therein after erysipelas.

Back.-- Sticking in scapulae. Pains in back and lumber region, as though broken hindering every motion. Burning in lumbar region.

Neck: Goiter. Swelling of cervical and axillary glands. Painful stiffness of nape.

Upper Extremities.-- Arms and hands tremble when holding anything. Burning of hands with swollen blood vessels. Stiff arms. Paralysis of fingers. frost bites on fingers. Numb finger tips.

Lower Extremities.-- Dislocative pain in hip joint. Hip first right to left. Drawing and tearing in knee. Weariness in limbs especially in lower leg. Bony swelling on tibia. Painful swelling of feet in evening or after walking. Numbness of tips of toes. Frost - bites and corns on toes.

Generalities.-- Especially suited to tall, weakly people. Painless fevers. Agg. from putting hand into cold water. Great emaciation. Easily takes cold, which results especially in nightly tearing and sticking in limbs, So called human barometer. Trembling of limbs from slightest exertion. Violent trembling of whole body. Burning in all parts of body and limbs. Violent trembling of whole body. Burning in all parts of body and limbs. Violent congestions and ebullitions of blood. Hemorrhages from various organs. General nervous weakness. Heaviness and paralytic weakness of limbs. Very sensitive to cold weather. Complaints are intensified during storms and changes of weather. Most symptoms appear early in morning and in evening in bed, as well as after eating. Many complaints appear while, and cease after eating. After affects of passion, emotions, etc.

Tissues.-- Glands affected, especially after bruises.

Bones.-- Swelling of (periostitis). Rachitis.

Skin.-- Yellow or brownish spots on, especially on chest and lower abdomen. Small wounds bleed profusely. Dry, scaling herpes. Boils, Fungus haematodes. Bony exostoses.

Sleep.-- Insufficient and unrefreshing in morning. Sopor - like day sleepiness. Late falling to sleep in evening and nightly sleeplessness from anxiety and nightly sleeplessness from anxiety and restlessness. Great sleepiness and indolence after meals. somnambulism. Hideous, frightful dreams. Yawning.

Fever.-- Pulse: Various, ordinarily quickened, at same time full and hard, but sometimes weak and small, more seldom slow or intermittent. Strong ebullition of blood and throbbing of carotids. Chill, Almost only in evening, without thirst, and with aversion to least uncovering, with greatly swollen veins of hands. Internal. with shuddering, not relieved by warmth of stove. And heat alternating at night. Nocturnal, with diarrhoea. running down back. Chilliness in evening till midnight, with great weakness and sleep. Heat: Flying, over the whole body, but first on hands. Universal, anxious heat, afternoons and evenings, with burning on hands and face. Nocturnal., disturbing sleep, mostly after midnight. According back, with somnolency. Sweat: Motes on head, hands and feet, with copious urine. Only on forepart of body. After midnight and in morning copious s., followed by great weakness. Sticky. The transpiration often smells like sulphur.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Aeo., Agar., Alum., Am-c., Ars., Aur., Bro., Calc-c., CALC-P., Caust., chin., Cina, Dig., Graph, Hell., Iod., Ip., Kali-c., Lyc., Mos., Nat-a., NUX-V., Op., Par., Petr., Pic-ac., PULS., Sec-c., Sep., Sil., Stront., Verat-a., Verbas.

Often followed by Petr., Kali-bi., Carb-v., or complemented by.

Complementary: Calc-c., Lyc., sang., Sep.