oxalicum acidum

Weak, cold, livid and numb all over; < lower limbs. Violent pains; in streaks, like lightning, in spots, burning, etc. Neuralgia.

Nervous and sleepless. Swimming vertigo. Band-like sensation about head. Numb prickling in occiput and back. Sour taste. Gnawing emptiness. Colicky urging about navel or involuntary, muddy-brown stools, < lying. Oxaluria. Testes throb or feel crushed. Low voice. Paroxysmal, jerking breathing. Nightly dyspnœa. Pain from lower (l), chest to epigastrium. Palpitation, < lying. Fixed chest. Angina pectoris. Back feels too weak to hold body. Cold creeps up spine. Weak trembling hands and feet.