oleum animale

Soreness. Weak, tremulous; hands, knees, feet, etc. Pain in spots. Neurasthenia. Nervous irritability. Shuffling gait. Urinous, eructations, leucorrhœa, etc. Icy coldness; from tips of teeth, in throat, stomach, etc.

Sad. Introverted. Vanishing thoughts. Speaks in whispers. Faintness or vertigo; of gastric origin; > bending head back. Sees glistening bodies. A skin seems to overhang the eye. Lachrymation, on eating. White of egg seems dried on lips. Malar bones feel pulled up. Twitching lips. Mouth feels greasy. Snowy saliva. Toothache, > biting. Hawks out brown, gluey lumps. Acrid vapor or raw streak in throat, < cough. Water-brash, > chewing tobacco. Pulsation or as of water in stomach. Meteorism. PROFUSE, pale urine; fish-brine odor; < hysteria, migraine, etc. Frequent scanty urine, then headache. Seminal losses; on straining at stool. Testes, swell alternately; feel pulled up. Anxious palpitation. Sore mammæ, before menses. Outward dartings in nipples. Aching (r), scapula, > pressure. Raw flexures. Flesh feels torn from bones. Slow pulse. Alternate chill and heat. Cold, foul foot-sweat; fishy on heels.