natrum sulfuricum

Sudden violent effects; in ailing patients. Piercing pains, at (l) short ribs; in (l) hip, < rising or sitting down; in heels. Yellow, watery secretions, stool, skin, vesicles, etc. Thick, yellow-green pus. Fulness. Sour, bilious and lithæmic. Rheumatic-hydrogenoid constitution. Sycosis.

Sensitive and suspicious. Sadness, < music or subdued light. Melancholia. Dire (suicidal) impulses. Vertigo; > head sweat. Crushing or gnawing in occiput. Meningitis. PHOTOPHOBIA. Nose run water at night. Epistaxis, during menses. Thick, tenacious, white slime in mouth. Dirty brown or greenish-yellow, thick, pasty tongue, < at base; tip feels burnt. Bitter taste. Thirst at start of fever only. Slow digestion. Concomitants to nausea. Green, bilious vomit. Sore, heavy liver; < lying on left side. As of a lump below liver. Crawling in gall-bladder. Colic, > rubbing abdomen. Cramp at umbilicus. FLATULENCE; painful; pushes here and there, < left abdomen. RUMBLING, GURGLING IN BOWELS, THEN SUDDEN GUSHING, NOISY, SPLUTTERING STOOL; after rising in A.M., or drives from bed. Foamy or yellow diarrhœa, mixed with green slime. White sand in urine. Dyspnœa. Sycotic asthma. Loose, but violent cough; must hold chest or sides. Run rounds. Hang nails. Retracted nipples. Sharp cutting back pains, spreading upward like a fan. Throbbing in heels. Vesicles on soles. Chilly, can't get warm, even in bed. Heat with aversion to uncover. Burning below knees. Foul axillary sweat. Warty nodules.