natrum phosphoricum

SOURNESS, eructations, vomitus, stomach, stools, leucorrhœa, expectoration, sweats, etc. Acidity. Deep yellow discharges; matter from eyes, etc. Debility. Overfed children, with acidity.

Mental weakness. Fear, < night. Itching; nose; about mouth and anus. Child picks nose. Worms. One ear red and hot. Pale face or red on alternate sides. YELLOW CREAMY COAT ON BASE OF TONGUE; on tonsils. As of a hair on tongue or a lump in throat. Cheesy vomitus. Noisy flatulence. Gastro-duodenal catarrh. Fulness in abdomen, < standing or < eating a little. Hacked stool. Eruptions about joints, < ankles; itching. Alternate joint and heart pains. Rheumatism.