naja tripudians

Nervous, excited and tremulous; with cardiac effects; often reflex. Collapse. Sepsis. Many pains. Parts seem drawn together. Constrictions, throat, chest, etc. Insensible right side.

Suicidal brooding. Shootings in head. As of a blow on occiput and neck. Vertex sensitive to cold. As of a lump in throat. PAIN FROM L. OVARY TO HEART. Suffocative choking; grasps the throat. Puffing breathing. Cardiac asthma or cough. HEART; weakness at; violent pain; shooting to left scapula, shoulder or neck; cramp ascend into neck; holds hand over it; excited, tremendous action; palpitation, visible; hypertrophy; endocarditis, septic. Dry or empty in left lung. Ribs feel broken. Cramps in shoulder, nape or thigh. Puffy or sweating hands and feet. Itching cicatrices. Pulse changes force. Internal heat, < chest. Sweat on lumbar back and ankles.