Muriaticum acidum


Mind.-- Introverted and silent with anxious solicitude. Sadness. Inclined to anger.

Head.-- Heaviness in occiput, with darkness before eyes. Aches, as though' brain were torn and shattered. Sticking ache. Headache from raising up in bed or moving eyes.

Eyes.-- Swelling and redness of lids. Vertical hemiopia.

Ears.-- Cramp - like tearing in. Insensibility of inner auditory canal. difficult hearing. Sensitive to noises.

Nose.-- Epistaxis. Dry nasal catarrh.

Face.-- Glowing red cheeks when walking in open air, without thirst. Scurfy, pimply eruption, especially about mouth. Freckles. Thick, swollen lower lip.

Teeth.-- Crawling in)lower). Throbbing ache, cold drinks, warmth. Swollen ulcerated gums which bleed easily.

Mouth.-- Great dryness of entire buccal cavity. Burning, rawness and soreness in fauces. Heaviness of tongue when speaking, as though' it contained lead. Deep ulcers on tongue, Difficult speech and paralysis of tongue.

Stomach.-- Empty sensation, also in oesophagus. Disagreeably sick sensation in.

Hypochondriac. Tensive. Squeezing (or empty sensation) in.

Appetite: Gluttony and constant desire to drink.

Eructations: Putrid (or bitter).

Abdomen.-- Distension of. Spasms in, with pinching in navicular region, which extends to sides. Disagreeable sensation of emptiness and discomfort in.

Stool.-- Focal diarrhoea. With smarting and burning in anus. Involuntary discharge of watery s. when urinating. Too slender in form. With blood.

Anus.-- Moist hemorrhoids. Inflamed, thickly swollen. External hemorrhoids with excoriative, burning pain. Prolapsus recti when urinating.

Urine.-- Frequent urging to urinate, with profuse discharge. Excessive discharge of watery urine. Weakness of bladder and of neck thereof.

Sexual Organs.-- Impotency and dormant sexual instinct.

Menses. - too early and too profuse.

Respiration.-- Deep, groaning.

Cough.-- Violent, panting c., followed by downward rumbling and gurgling in chest. Excited by tickling in chest, dry in afternoon and evening, in morning, there is a slight loosening of yellow or watery uncoagulated mucus, of a fatty taste, which must be swallowed. Haemoptysis of dark blood.

Larynx.-- Persistent hoarseness.

Chest.-- Dyspnoea, and constriction of. Bursting pain in, also pain as if beaten, soreness and stitches. Stitching in, and in cardiac region when breathing and after violent exertion. Cutting thrusts in centre of, with a dull pressure in posterior part of thorax. The heart beat is so violent at night that it is felt in face.

Back.-- Violent, pressing backache, as if from overlifting.

Upper Extremities.-- Heaviness in arms, especially forearms. Drawing in upper arm. Scurfy eruption on back of hands and fingers. Slightly numbness of fingers.

Lower Extremities.-- Spasmodic tearing in thighs. Tottering gait from weakness of thighs. Fetid ulcers on lower legs. Burning, swollen tips of toes.

Generalities.-- Drawing tearing in extremities during rest, motion. Bruised pain in all joints. Debility so extraordinary, that upon sitting down the eyes immediately close. Great sensitiveness to wet weather.

Bones.-- Periosteum of all bones is painful, as in intermittent fever.

Skin.-- Scurfy eruptions, itching, particularly when getting warm in bed. Painful, putrid ulcers which burn at their circumference. Boils, sticking when touched. Black small - pox.

Sleep.-- Great day sleepiness quickly disappearing during motion. Continual snoring, groaning, tossing about and talking, with sliding down in bed, especially before midnight. Frequently wakened by a chill early in morning in bed.

Fever.-- False: Weak and slow, intermit every third beat. Chill: Predominates. In evening, with cold feeling in back, with external warmth and burning of face. Shuddering over whole body with hot cheeks and cold hands. Shaking chill without thirst, with stretching and yawning. Chill and heat without thirst. Heat: Internal, with inclination to uncover and general physical restlessness. Burning, especially on palms and soles. Sweat: In first sleep until midnight, especially on head and back. Night and early morning sweat. A cold sweat on feet, first on lying down in evening.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Ars. BRY., Lyc., Mez.