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Mind.-- Stupefying confusion of head. Hypochondriacal peevishness and anxiety. Anxiety and dread of death.

Vertigo.-- From slightest motion of head. With loss of speech, yet sees and hears everything.

Head.-- Violent congestion to. Stupefying compressive ache, especially in forehead, with qualmishness. Heaviness of. Tension in occiput extending into nape. Worse: Evening, moving head, in room, becoming cold. Better: Walking in open air, becoming warm.

Nose.-- Crawling in tip of. Nosebleed. Stuffed coryza.

Stomach.-- Fullness and oppression in region. Pressure in pit extending thro' to back.

Frequent, forcible eructation of air.

Abdomen.-- Anxious fullness and oppression in, with restlessness. Tension and pressure in, coming from stomach. Hysterical spasms in, and in uterus.

Flatulence: Shifting, becomes incarcerated.

Stool.-- Constipated for many days. Faint, sweetish smelling stools. Unconscious, diarrhoeic stool, at night.

Urine.-- Pungent, ammoniacal smelling.

Sexual organs.-- Sexual desire violently excited.

Female.-- Menses: Too early and too profuse.

Respiration.-- Oppression of, from suffocative constriction of chest, as soon as he becomes cold.

Cough.-- Spasmodic, as if from constriction of chest and trachea, excited by sulphur vapor. Expectoration absent, or has absolutely ceased.

Larynx.-- Speechlessness.

Chest.-- Cramp in. Spasmodic constriction of, without cough, especially when becoming cold. Painful under arms when pressed upon. Anxious palpitation.

Upper Extremities.-- One hand is hot, the other cold.

Lower Extremities.-- Cold feeling in shinbone. Restlessness in legs with sensation as though' becoming stiff, necessitating moving limbs.

Generalities.-- Cramp - like pains in limbs. Prickling in limbs, with heaviness therein. Shaking and trembling throughout entire body. Weakness, which is more evident during rest than motion. Fainting followed by pains in head. Tetanic spasms. Tonic spasms of hypochondriacs. The part upon which he lies pains as though' it would be dislocated or broken. Symptoms, especially those of respiration, are on becoming cold. Extreme sensitiveness, the open air seems exquisitely cold to him. Pains causes an in pulse to move. Pains cause an impulse to move. Buzzing, squeezing, or plug like sensations. As if a cold wind blowing on part.

Skin.-- Herpes, with unbearable burning.

Sleep.-- Comatose sleepiness especially in forenoon. Sleeplessness of hysterical persons. Somnolency.

Fever.-- Pulse: Very full and accelerated, with strong ebullition of blood. Great anemia with weak pulse and faintings. chill: With shuddering spreading from scalp over entire body. Sensation as of cold air blowing on uncovered parts. External coldness with internal heat. Shuddering alternating with heat. One cheek hot without redness, the other red without heat. Heat: Beating, in evening in bed, often only on right side, with restlessness and inclination to uncover. One hand burning hot (and pale), the other cold (and red). Sweat, Smelling like musk. Clammy, in morning.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: BELL., Coccl., Coff., Nux-v., Op., Phos.