mercurius solubilis

Great variety of symptoms. Uncertain, tremulous, weak and sweaty. Swelling, redness; livid congestion. Continued exudation. Rawness. FREE SECRETIONS, thin, slimy, acrid, burning, foul or thick, green-yellow. Salty, lips, taste, expectoration, etc. Suppuration; bloody. Ulceration; of mucous membranes. Catarrhs. Glandular activity. Biliousness. Yellowness; eyes, teeth, nasal discharge. Jaundice. Pains stick to one point. Syphilis. Everything seems too short. Rheumatism. Sycosis. Scrofula. Weak, exhausted and ready to sink down.

Hurried; nervous. Stammering. Violent impulses (homicidal), etc. Restless and sweaty. Filthy in mind and body. Senses impending evil. Forgetful. As of a band about head. Headache with ear and tooth ache. Swelled, scurfy tarsi. Eyes draw together. Photophobia, < lamplight (Glo.). Musca volitantes. Arcus senilis. Pains into ears, from teeth, throat, etc. Deaf on becoming heated. Colds travel upward or attack eyes. Coryza; acrid; purulent; every autumn. Heavy nose. Red, raw, dirty nosed children. Face yellow; puffy under eyes. Swelled cheeks. Aching jaws. Mumps. Lips salty; cracked in right angle. Painful, ragged, swelled, bleeding gums. Gumboil. Loose, hollow, black or aching teeth, < heat and cold; < night. MUCH SALIVA; flows during sleep; yellow; bloody; bad tasting. Aphthæ. METALLIC TASTE. Broad, flabby, INDENTED TONGUE. Itching palate. Enlarged tonsils. THROAT; SORE; as of an apple core, choke pear, or something hanging in; ulcer, pharyngeal, behind lingual tonsil; hawks large lumps from. Sore liver. Weak bowels; holds them. Swelled inguinals. STOOLS; painful; scanty; bloody; green slime; ashen white; acrid; then tenesmus or chill. Tenesmus recti, with tenesmus vesicæ. Urine causes itching. Urinates more than he drinks. Frequent, scanty urine; then burning. Swelled glans or foreskin. Red meatus. Genitals, inflamed; pulls at. Bloody emissions. Gonorrhœa. Collapse and fainting at start of menses. Thick, white leucorrhœa, when urinating. Cough; in double bouts; dry at night; yellow-green sputum, by day. Right lower chest. Mammæ; pain below right through to scapula; milk in, instead of menses, spoiled. Awakes with cardiac tremor. Respiration < lying on left side, but cough < lying on right side. Neck stiff; cervicals enlarged. Trembling limbs. Numb fingers. Cold sweat on feet in A.M. in bed. Phlegmasia dolens. Pain forward from right scapula. Cool heels. Skin yellow; tender; excoriated, like raw meat. Moist, crusty eruptions. Ulcers, irregular, spreading, shallow, bleeding; with cutting and proud flesh. Jaundice. Measles. Nightly bone pains; deep or near surface. Orgasms (to head and chest). Erethism and restlessness, < least exertion. Easily chilled or overheated. Alternate chill and heat. Creeping chills. Chilly within abscesses. Catarrhal fevers; after suppressions. EASY, PROFUSE SWEAT; without relief, with the pains; oily; foul; sour; stains; an indelible yellow; on head; on chest; at night. Must get up and walk about at night.