Mercurius corrosivus


Mind.-- Great agitation with anxiety, inquietude and continued jactitation. Anxiety, during sleep. Low spirited. Ill humor. Weak intellect. Indecent exposure. Delirium and stupor. disconnected speech.

Vertigo, - On lifting head.

Head.-- Confusion, emission of flatus. Congestion to, and to face, with burning cheeks. Pains: Violent, causing screaming, as if on fire, sticking, tearing in occiput, aching, drawing in pericranium, undulating, in brain. Falling of hair.

Eyes.-- Protruding. Glistening. Inflamed. Bloodshot. Burning in. Dry. As if forced out from behind. Tearing in bones above. Squint seem smaller and more distant. Worse: Light.

Ears.-- Violent pulsation in. Whirring, rhythmical with the pulse.

Nose.-- Coryza. Frequent nosebleed. Perforation of cartilage. Discharge like is in glass. Dryness, in back of, in open air.

Face.-- Swollen, worse lower part, tense shining cheeks, and red. Pale, anxious and pinched. Frowning. Hippocratic, with sunken eyes. Convulsive motions of. Tearing in malar bones. Necrosis of upper jaw. Painfully swollen glands.

Lips black: excessively swollen and tender. Lips blue. Lips dry and cracked. Convulsive motions at corners of lips.

Teeth.-- Loose, and feel blunt. Sordes on. Prickling at roots of. Gums: Purple. Swollen, spongy and tender, bleeding easily. Inflamed, with burning pains. Ulcerated. Worse: Night.

Tongue.-- Inflamed, swollen, preventing protrusion.

Mouth.-- Inflammation, swelling, ulceration and burning heat, extending into stomach. Great dryness of, and of throat, with intolerable thirst for cold water. Rawness of and of throat. Fissured. False membrane in, and in throat. Fetor. Salvation: Bloody, yellowish, difficult to expectorate. Better cold water.

Taste: Bitter, Salt, astringent, metallic, fatty.

Throat.-- Excessively violent burning pain in fauces, pharynx and oesophagus, Swelling: Threatening suffocation, of pillars and tonsils, of uvula with elongation, of glands, externally, with heat. Extremely painful soreness of, and of mouth and tongue. Constriction with dysphagia. Spasm of glottis, oesophagus and stomach. Dark, or fiery redness of. Scraping roughness, causing hawking. Filled with a glairy, sticky or bloody mucus. As if something stuck in lower oesophagus. Better: cold water. Worse: Slightest external pressure.

Stomach.-- Painful inflammation and contraction of gastro - intestinal tract. Hiccup, with every motion of body. Regurgitation thro nose, Vomiting: Violent, with constriction of throat, incessant, after least quantity of water, with nausea, painful retching and insatiable thirst, spasmodic, profuse, at night, with frightful pains in pit and umbilical regions, with bilious diarrhoea, green, stringy, sticky, bloody, in streaks or like coffee grounds, blue. Pains, Pricking, griping, pinching. Swelling of. Ulcers and ecchymoses in. Worse: Slight pressure.

Abdomen.-- Swollen, tympanitic and exquisitely sensitive. Pains: Cutting, griping, pinching, sticking bruised, worse in caecal region and transverse colon, colicky at umbilicus, in epigastrium, with cramps in pelvic and genital organs. Coldness of skin all over. Apprehension in lower, and in bladder region. Swollen sensation in inguinal and axillary glands. Worse: Sensitive to touch, pressure and the air. Better: Passing flatus. Bending double.

Stool.-- Bloody: Frequent, at night, with great tenesmus and colic, scanty, of blood and mucus, with constant desire, dysenteric, of scanty bloody mucus with cutting in abdomen. excessively painful tenesmus and almost ineffectual urging, dark green, blackish, streaked, bluish, grumous, pasty, of membranous shreds, involuntary, of pure blood, very offensive, purulent.

Rectum.-- Oozing corrosive ichor. violent burning in, and in anus. Distressing tenesmus, getting worse and worse, passes nothing but blood - tinged mucus. Inflammation and ulceration of.

Urinary Organs.-- Suppression of urine and stool. Urination frequent, scanty, urine passed drop by drop with great pain, burning and tenesmus. Urine: albuminous, thick, blackish, bloody, containing mucus, scalding. Pyelitis. Bladder: Feels full, even after micturition, inflamed, contracted. Gonorrhea. discharge thick, with smarting urination and shooting pains along urethra. Sticking, burning, itching, shooting and inflammation in urethra and meatus.

Sexual Organs.-- Inflamed and enormously swollen. Violent erections and sexual desire, burning in urethra after coition. Shooting or painful griping in testicles. Leucorrhoea of a nauseating sweetish odor. Suppressed menses, with headache and trembling of hands, legs and neck. Menses excessive, like a flooding. Pressive pain on touching on uteri during coition. Painful swelling of glands around nipples.

Respiratory Organs.-- Paroxysmal tickling in throat, with convulsive, suffocative cough and anxiety. Coughs up blood tinged mucus. Dryness of larynx. Frequent stitches shoot through thorax. Chronic pleuro - pneumonia, especially of left side. Cramp from right breast to back, just below scapula. Milk suppressed.

Heart.-- Best, Tumultuous, intermittent. Pulse uneven.

Neck and Back.-- - Tonic cramps during which respiration stops. Lumbar pains which spread into hypogastrium and groins, alternating with convulsions and contraction of muscles.

Extremities.-- Hands and feet livid, shrunken and cold. Formication, numbness, heaviness, weakness and trembling of. Cramps, convulsions or stiffness of. lax feeling in deltoid, calf and thigh muscles, in joints.

Lower Extremities.-- Drawn up. Sticking, tearing or shooting pains in hip joint. Feet icy cold. Paralysis and complete insensibility of. Pricking in.

Generalities.-- Violence characterizes its action. Intolerably violent pains. Osteocopic pains, painful drawing in periosteum. Acrid or corrosive discharges. Spasms and spasmodic motions. Tremblings. Lying on back with knees bent up. Great debility and inclination to lie down. Extreme sensitiveness of whole body. Paralytic stiffness and paralysis of extremities, with extreme sensitiveness to the slightest motion, headache at the root of the nose, eyes fixed and brilliant, and skin dry, sweating on forehead only. Violent swelling and burning of affected parts. Pains in body with general stiffness, more from movement. Worse: Walking in open air aggravates many symptoms. Acids. Fat foods. Motion. Night. Better: Rest.

Skin.-- Formication in. Desquamative dermatitis. Shriveled. Dry, burning, hot and smarting. Great coldness of. Pustules. Itching, prickling, sticking in. Rapid ulcerations.

Sleep.-- Continual insomnia. Somnolency, frequent yawning and stretching. Starting during or on falling to sleep. Frightful dreams. Coma.

Fever.-- Pulse: Small, weak, often intermittent, sometimes tremulous. Chill: From the least movement and in open air, cutting in abdomen is an almost constant accompaniment. Chilliness in evening, especially on head. Chill at night in bed. Hear: External, with yellow skin. Burning and sticking heat in skin. Heat when stooping and coldness when raising up. Sweat: Nightsweat: towards morning it becomes offensive. Cold sweat often upon forehead only. Entire skin covered with a cold anxious sweat. Sticky sweat.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Ars., Aur., Bell., Cad-s., Canth., Kali - c., Kali - io, Kre., Lach., MERC., Nit-ac., Nux-v., Sul - ac., Verat-a.

Antidote: Ars.