Magnesia muriatica


Mind.-- Anxious tearful mood. Peevish, ill humor.

Vertigo.-- Giddiness in head with heaviness thereof, especially early in morning.

Head.-- Congestion to, with roaring therein. Tensive pressure in forehead on awaking. Griping and raging in temples in evening while in bed. Numb feeling in forehead, with stupefaction of head. Worse: Early on awaking, lying down. Better: Wrapping head warmly, walking in open air.

Eyes.-- Inflamed, with red sclerotic and violent burning when looking into light. Nightly agglutination. Yellow sclerotic.

Ears.-- Pulsation in. Deafness, as though something were lying before.

Nose.-- Swelling of wings. Want of smell, with scurf in nostrils paining violently when touched. Coryza: With discharge of yellow, offensive mucus, and diminished taste and smell, stuffed c. at night.

Face.-- Pale, yellowish complexion. Eruption, paining violently when touched. Cramping pains in facial bones. Large, clear blisters on vermilion border of lips. Cracked lips.

Teeth.-- Eyeteeth are painful and feel elongated. toothache greatly by touch of food. Gums bleed easily, are swollen and painful.

Mouth.-- Burned sensation in entire buccal cavity. Thick, tenacious mucus in throat, is hawked loose with difficulty. Rawness and soreness in fauces.

Stomach.-- Ulcerative and bruised pain in, also sensitive to touch externally.

Hypochondria: - Chronic inflammation of liver. Stitches in hepatic region. Pressive pains in liver, lying on right side.

Appetite: Ravenous hunger and hungry sensation in stomach. Hunger without knowing what he wants. Inclination to nibble dainties. Violent thirst.

Eructations: Sense of a ball rising into throat. disappearing after eructation. Hiccough during and after dinner, so violent that the stomach becomes sore.

Abdomen.-- Constant, violent distension of, with constipation. Tearing in. Old, painful induration of right lower a. Hysterical uterine and abdominal spasms which extend into thighs and are followed by a discharge of leucorrhoea.

Stool.-- Knotty, hard, difficult, unsatisfactory and retarded. Diarrhoea of mucus and blood.

Urine.-- Diminished flow.

Female.-- Menses: Too early and too profuse, with violent lumbar pains and a remarkably pale face. Suppressed. Leucorrhoea, especially during motion.

Cough.-- Dry, in evening and at night. Spasmodic, nightly c., with tickling in throat. During day, with expectoration of a watery but tenacious, yellowish, sometimes purulent mucus mixed with clots of blood, of a fatty taste and offensive odor.

Larynx.-- Roughness and dryness in. Burning in. Hoarseness.

Chest.-- Stitches at heart, which arrest breathing. Palpitation when sitting, which disappears during motion. Constriction in cardiac region. Burning soreness in. Ulcerative pain in.

Back.-- Burning in, especially after coition.

Upper Extremities.-- Asleep sensation in arms, on awaking early in morning.

Lower Extremities.-- Restlessness in thighs when sitting. Cramps in calves at night. Foot sweat. Burning in soles.

Generalities.-- Restlessness of entire body, as soon as she closes her eyes, in evening when in bed. Jerkings thro body, at night while lying awake. General sick and bruised sensation, with great sensitiveness to noise. Attacks of hysterical spasms. Most complaints appear at night and during rest, especially when sitting, and are by gentle motion. With the exception of the chest complaints, he feels better in the open air.

Sleep.-- Great day sleepiness, with indolence and yawning. Nightly sleeplessness on account of heat, with restlessness and violent thirst. Late falling to. Frequent waking, from cough.

Fever.-- Pulse: Somewhat accelerated, with ebullition of blood when sitting. Chill: In evening between four and eight o' clock, even when near a warm stove, slowly disappearing after lying down. Heat: After the chill, in evening until midnight. In evening, with sweat on head only. With thirst. Sweat: With thirst, continuing from midnight until morning. Early morning sweat.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Calc - c, Lyc., Mag-c., Nux - v., SEP. Sul.