Magnes artificialis


Mind.-- Irascibility and proneness to fly into a passion. Irresolution. Over activity and hurry, with great exhaustion.

Head.-- Bruised headache on first awaking in morning. Sharp pressure, as from a nail or sharp body upon a single spot on brain, after vexation. Painful soreness in head after vexation.

Eyes.-- Dilated pupils. Fiery sparks before. Beyond line of vision there are white, quivering particles of light before eyes.

Ears.-- Deafness, without noises in.

Nose.-- Muggy odor before.

Face.-- Profuse sweat on. Intolerable, burning stitches in facial muscles, in evening. Painful sensitiveness round about margin of lips. Dislocative pain in maxillary joint.

Teeth.-- Bruised or excoriative pain in roots of lower incisors. Ache from cold drinks and cold air entering mouth.

Mouth.-- Bad odor from, early in morning. Salivation with swollen lips, in evening.

Taste: Musty, slimy, of some things.

Stomach.-- Pressure in, with restlessness and coldness of body. Creaking in pit.

Appetite: Rapid satiation even of tobacco which bites the tongue. Great hunger in evening.

Eructations: Tasting of spoiled food.

Abdomen.-- Pressure, like a stones in upper.

Flatulence: Many flatulent symptoms. Discharges much hot and very fetid f.

Stool.-- Constipation, as though rectum were too narrow. Painful fecal diarrhoea.

Anus.-- Aching hemorrhoids. Prolapsus recti during stool.

Sexual Organs.-- Burning in penis and in region of seminal vesicles. Intensified sexual desire.

Female.-- Menses: Too early and too profuse. Uterine hemorrhage.

Respiration.-- Nightly tightness of chest, from mucus in trachea, which is easily expectorated early in the morning.

Cough.-- Violent attacks of dry cough in evening and at night (before mid night). Convulsive, Spasmodic, after midnight.

Back.-- Neck: Stiffness and cracking in cervical vertebrae.

Chest.-- Intolerable, burning stitches in lateral muscles of.

Upper Extremities.-- Drawing and burning in arms. Twitchings and blows in arms.

Lower Extremities.-- Drawing and burning in legs.

Generalities.-- Intolerable, internal burning from head to foot, without external heat or redness. Twitchings and thrusts throw body. Bruised pain in joints, especially in side on which he does not lie. Asleep feeling in limbs, Great tendency to take cold.

Skin.-- Renewed bleeding of fresh wounds. Boils.

Sleep.-- Stupefying slumber after sunrise. Coma vigil toward morning. Snoring s.

Fever.-- Pulse: Nightly heat without thirst, with desire to uncover which is agreeable.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Ign, Zinc.