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Mind.-- Indolent, phlegmatic disposition. Increased mental power. Ecstatic, easily excitable nature. Loving tenderness. Unhappy love. Inclination to silent grief. Grumbling discontent. Hasty speech. Easily frightened. Insane jealousy with mistrust and suspicion. Dogmatic. Spiteful. Extraordinary loquacity. Greatly inclined to mockery, satire and breaking out into laughter. Despair and satiety of life. Anxious trembling. Restlessness, driving him into the open air. Hideous phantasies.

Head.-- Pressive ache in temples like an outward urging, in morning after rising. Violent congestion to. Hammering headache when stooping. Headache over eyes early in morning after rising. sharp cutting pain, as with knives, in vertex, or as if someone cut a piece out of (r.) parietal bone. Worse: Stooping, external pressure, rest, ascending steps, after rising from bed, in the sun. Better: Eating, lying, after sleep, warmth, eructations.

External Head.-- Hair falls out, especially during pregnancy, with biting itching on scalp, scratching causes swellings and thickening of skin. Great sensitiveness of the uncovered head to sunshine.

Eyes.-- Tension in.

Ears.-- Sensitive to wind, to noise.

Nose.-- Itching, when eating. Pain in nasal bones. Nosebleed and blowing of blood from. Purulent discharge from. Fluent coryza in evening, stuffed coryza with obstruction, early in morning. Fluent coryza with inflammation of margin of nostrils and acrid, watery discharge.

Face.-- Sunken or unnaturally red. Heat and redness of the usually pale face. Lead colored. Livid. Itching of. Swellings here and there upon. Blue circles around eyes. Erysipelatous inflammation of cheeks just below eyes. Bluish erysipelas, just below eyes.

Teeth.-- Hollow, crumbling. Boring pain in molars extending into maxillary bones, especially after eating. Swollen gums.

Mouth.-- Scratching on posterior palate. Rawness in throat Sensation, as though something had lodged in the throat, which necessitates continual swallowing. (Mag-c.) Sensitiveness of internal throat to external pressure. Empty swallowing increases the throat pains, but swallowing solids does not. Salivation. Swallowing saliva is painful but swallowing food is painless.

Appetite: Loss of, early in morning. Desire for smoking is lost, without having any particular aversion to tobacco. Continual thirst. Intense craving for wine and beer. Craving for coffee which. Very weak digestion.

Nausea. - and forcible vomiting of ingesta, and bile.

Stomach.-- Pit painful to pressure. Spasm of. Alternate coldness and burning in.

Abdomen.-- Distension of. Heat in. Empty sensation in. Hypochondria feel bruised.

Stool.-- Papescent, clayey, very offensive, followed by tenesmus. Constipation, flatus only is passed. Constipation alternating with diarrhoea.

Anus.-- Burning in. Prolapsus recti during stool.

Urine.-- Clear, foamy. Burning when urinating. Continual dribbling after stool, as well as after urination.

Sexual Organs.-- Great lasciviousness and violent sexual excitement.

Female.-- Menses: Too scanty.

Respiration.-- Tightness of, after eating. Inclination to take a deep breath when sitting. Touching larynx externally causes fear of suffocation.

Cough.-- During and after every nap. Paroxysms of short, very fatiguing hacking c. excited by tickling in stomach, rarely in larynx, dry in evening and night, in morning and by day, with difficult dislodgement of scanty, watery, sometimes salty mucus which is swallowed.

Larynx.-- Painfully sensitive. Feeling of something fluttering above. Hollow voice, Hoarseness and aphonia as though a foreign body were tightly lodged in 1, and could not be hawked loose.

Chest.-- Burning on c., at night. Anxious palpitation. Soreness in, also of sternum.

Back.-- A stitch deep in, as though something stuck therein, necessitating taking a deep breath and bending backward.

Upper Extremities.-- - Itch vesicles on hands and fingers. Panaritia. Livid swelling of hands. Writers cramp.

Lower Extremities.-- Weak, stiff knees. Cramps in calves. Bluish flat ulcers on legs. Coldness, with internal burning of feet. Swollen feet. Deep, itching fissures on toes.

Generalities.-- Great emaciation. Relaxation and weariness in evening. Apoplexy. The complaints are intensified at night. Aversion to motion, with inclination to lie down. Bad effects of mental exertion, wine or tobacco.

Skin.-- Unhealthy. Itching, after scratching skin becomes thickened and large lumps appear. Spongy ulcers which burn when touched. Bluish, black vesicles upon hands and feet. Angry ulcers.

Sleep.-- Sleepiness with loquacity in evening. Falls to sleep late in evening. Constant sleeplessness. Many frightful or lascivious dreams. Restlessness, with many dreams and frequent waking.

Fever.-- Pulse: Small and weak, but accelerated, often alternating with a full, strong best, generally very irregular and intermittent. Chill: Universal, warmth, and external, benumbing coldness. shivering, running up the back, often every other day. Alternating with heat, changing from place to place. Every other day. Alternating with heat, changing from place to place. Every other day. Heat: In evening, especially on hands and feet. Burning in palms of hands and soles of feet, in evening and at night. Nightly, as if from ebullition of blood, with great sensitiveness of neck. Sense of internal heat with cold feet. Sweat: Profuse, with most complaints. Great inclination to. Cold, straining yellow, bloody, or red.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Alum., Ap., Ars., BELL., Carbo - v., CAUST., Chin., CON., Gel., HEP., LYC., MERC., Nat - m., Nux-v., Phos-sc., PLAT., PULS., Stans., Sul-ac. Zinc.

Complementary: Ars., Carb-v., Calc-c.