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Mind.-- Anxiety. Great excitement, irritability and sensitiveness. Low spirits and weeping, with ill - humor. Restlessness which renders sitting quietly or sleep impossible. Excessive loquacity and mirthfulness.

Head.-- Congestion to, with throbbing therein. Aching as from a tight band about. Headache from warm air or a long drive noise and talking.

Eyes.-- Smarting. Dirty yellow sclerotic. Swollen lids. Obscured vision. Diplopia.

Ears.-- Difficult hearing. Sensitive in noise.

Nose.-- Increased secretion of mucus from. Nasal catarrh, dry in morning, fluent in evening.

Face.-- Complexion pale, yellow or rapidly changing to brown, earth - colored. Twitching of facial muscles. Suppurating ulcers on cheeks with swelling of submaxillary glands.

Teeth.-- Yellow and covered with mucus in morning. Gums are detached and bleed easily.

Mouth.-- Ulcers in, with fetid odor therefrom. Aphthae. Throat inflamed, with burning pains. Constriction of throat with difficult swallowing. Salivation. Thickly coated tongue.

Appetite: Unusual hunger, the patient feels generally better after satisfying it. Ravenous hunger alternating with loss of appetite. Increased thirst.

Eructations: Heartburn after heavy food.

Nausea, etc. - Frequently nauseated. Vomiting. Forcible, renewed after every meal, bilious, with violent pains in stomach.

Stomach.-- Pains in. Pressure after every meal. Burning and corrosive gnawing in. A single internal tremor, which radiates therefrom, with increased warmth.

Hypochondriac: Pain in liver. Painful swelling of spleen.

Abdomen.-- Abdominal pains renewed after every meal. Enlarged a., it threatens suffocation when he assumes a wrong position. Swollen mesenteric glands. Labor - like cramps in. Scirrhous swelling of inguinal glands.

Flatulence: Incarcerated.

Stool.-- Hard, nodular. Soft, frequently whitish diarrhoeic s., alternating with constipation. Of dysenteric mucous without feces.

Urine.-- Suppressed. Yellowish, green or acrid. With an iridescent pellicle.

Sexual Organs.-- Swollen and indurated testes and prostatic gland. Increased sexual desire.

Female.-- Menses: Sometimes too early, sometimes too late. Long - continued, profuse uterine hemorrhage. Corrosive leucorrhoea.

Respiration.-- Difficult with tightness of chest.

Cough.-- Chronic, dry, early in morning, excited by an unbearable crawling of tickling in larynx or throat pit. With sticking and burning in chest. With copious, frequently bloody or tenacious yellow mucus expectoration in evening.

Larynx.-- Inflammation of, and of trachea. Increased secretion of mucus in, in trachea and bronchi. Hoarseness and insufferable crawling, early in morning.

Back.-- Neck: Swollen externally. Swells up when talking. Goitre from swelling of thyroid gland. Constant sensation of constriction in the goitre. Swelling of glands of throat and neck.

Chest.-- Burning, sticking tension in integuments of. Burning, itching and tickling in. Forcible palpitation increased to violence by every exertion. Flaccidity and dwindling of the female mammae.

Upper Extremities.-- Nightly bone pains in arms wherein he lies. Trembling arms and hands. Cold sweat on hands.

Lower Extremities.-- While swelling of knee. Hot, bright swelling of knee, with inflammation, sticking and burning, greatly touch and pressure. Sweat excoriates the feet.

Generalities.-- Violent trembling of limbs. Twitching of muscles and subsultus tendinum. He emaciates to a skeleton. Edematous swellings. Great weakness, even talking causes sweat to break out. Great irritability of entire nervous system. Violent tearing in joints. Chronic gouty arthritis, with violent nightly pains, but without swelling. Intolerance of heat.

Tissues.-- Glands swollen and indurated after bruises.

Bones.-- Nightly pains. Curvature.

Skin.-- Dirty, clammy, moist. Rough, dry. Anasarca.

Sleep.-- Sleeplessness. Anxious dreams.

Fever.-- Pulse: Large, hard and accelerated, with strong abullition and throbbing in blood vessels. Quick, but weak and thready. It instantly becomes quicker, from every movements. Chill: Frequently alternating with heat. Cold feet throughout entire night. With shaking, also in a warm room. Heat: General flying over whole body. Internal, dry, with external coldness of skin. Sweat: Very profuse at night. Very exhausting, in the morning hours, of a sour odor and with much thirst.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Ap., Ars., BELL., Bro., Bry., Calc - c., Chin., HEP., Kali-c., Lyc, Merc., Par., Phos., Sil, Spo., Sul.

Complementary: Sil., Lyc.