Hepar sulphuris calcareum


Mind.-- Tearful mood and weeping. Extraordinary anguish in evening, driving him to self - destruction. Fearfulness and depression. Oversensitive and vehement with hasty speech.

Vertigo.-- When riding, or shaking head.

Head.-- Bent back, with swelling below larynx, forcible beating of carotids and rattling breathing (in membranous croup). Pain, ass of a plug or dull nail driven into Pressure: In temples and on vertex, in evening, one sided, outward in forehead. Inward boring in right temple, side of head or root of nose. Sore pain in forehead, right over eyes. Sticking in.

External Head.-- Burning itching from front to back, less on sides when scratched, leaving bumps and a burning smarting eruption which is excessively sensitive to touch. Painless swellings and bumps on, and on nape, with smarting soreness when touched or lain upon (after severe illness, abuse of mercury or in hysterical headaches). Moist, foul, purulent eruption smarting painfully on whole head, itching violent early on rising, scratching causes burning and excoriation. Scalp sensitive. Nodes on. Profuse falling of hair, large bald spots on. Takes cold every time he uncovers head, especially during (dry.) cold east or north winds. Cold, clammy, sour sweat most on head and face with aversion to uncovering. Worse: Early, on awaking, touch, night, cold, least motion, moving eyes, stooping every jar. Better: After rising, tight bandaging, warmth, warm wraps, sweating.

Eyes.-- Inflamed: Lids surrounded by an eruption which smarts when touched, and running tears. Bruised pain in. Pressure as from a foreign body in. Stiff. paining during motion. Protruding. Spasmodic closure of lids. Ulcers and spots on cornea. Photophobia. Surrounding objects appear red.


Itching of external. Foul smelling purulent discharges from. Crusty eruption behind. Difficult hearing with rushing and throbbing in. Roaring in head.


Inflammation of. Painful soreness, m especially of dorsum to touch. Intensified acuteness of smell. Unilateral coryza with scratching in the throat. Sneezing, (also after cough)

Face.-- Heat and fiery redness of. Erysipelatous swelling of. Yellow, with blue rings around eyes. Pain in bones of, when touched. Thrusts in malar bone. Boils on lips, chin and neck, very painful to touch. Chronic facial eruptions, very sensitive to touch.

Teeth.-- Drawing, jerking ache, worse in warm room. Swelling of gums, painful when touched.

Throat.-- Sensation as though' a plug or sharp splinter stuck therein, when swallowing. Roughness in. Scratching, when swallowing saliva. Hawking up mucus. Swollen tonsils and glands of neck. Hoarseness with rapid, hasty speech, as from over excitement.

Appetite, etc. Desire for sour, pungent things and wine. Repugnance to fat foods. much thirst. Nausea. Retching. Vomiting.

Stomach.-- Distension of pit necessitates loosening clothes. Tickling in pit. Pressure, after little food. Burning in Hypochondria. - Stitches in region of spleen or liver. Inflammation of kidneys.

Abdomen.-- Spasmodic contraction of Bruised pain in, early in morning. l Cutting bellyache. Swelling and suppuration of inguinal glands.

Stool.-- Hard, dry. Dysenteric, difficult passage of scanty, soft feces or bloody mucus, with tenesmus. Whitish, sour smelling diarrhoea in children.

Urine.-- Dark red, hot, Acrid burning urine eroding the foreskin. Bloody Nocturnal enuresis in children.

Sexual Organs.-- Excoriation, also of thighs. Congestion to uterus. Discharge of prostatic fluid during hard stool, and after urination. Chancre like ulcers on foreskin.

Female.-- Menses: Too early. Discharge of blood between menses.

Respiration.-- Rattling, during sleep. Anxious, short, whistling right which threatens suffocation and necessitates raising up quickly or throwing head backward.

Cough.-- Deep, dull, whistling, c. excited by tickling as of feather down in larynx, dry in evening, in morning with expectoration of mucous lumps which are often purulent and bloody, mostly sour but sometimes sweet, if the latter, they are also offensive. Deep, asthmatic e. Attacks of dry, hoarse c. with retching and anxiety. Dry, in evening after chilling any part of body. With expectoration of blood. After every drink. Whooping cough. The child cries after coughing.

Larynx, etc.-- Membranous croup, with swelling below larynx. Sensitive to cold air. Pains in a spot within. Phthisis of, and of trachea. Rattling in trachea. Hoarseness.

Chest.-- Pustules and ulcers on, which are painfully sore when touched. Cancerous ulcers which are sensitive to touch, on female mamma. Swelling and suppuration of axillary glands. Fetid sweat in axilla. Shattering shocks and soreness in. Rattling in. Weakness in, which makes speaking difficult.

Back.-- Sticking and drawing in. Bruised pain in lumbar region, extending into thighs.

Neck: Violent pulsation of carotids.

Upper Extremities.-- Bruised feeling of humeri. Hot, red swelling of wrist and finger joints. Numbness of fingers. Fissured skin of hands and feet.

Lower Extremities.-- Paralytic drawing pains in limbs. Stitches in joints. Fainting from slight pains in, evening. All symptoms tomes are intensified at night. Great sensitiveness of affected parts to touch.

Tissues.-- Glands swollen and indurated and suppurating.

Bones.-- Bruised pain in caries.

Skin.-- Unhealthy. Burning itching in, followed by white vesicles after scratching. Erysipelatous inflammation of external pars. Suppurations, especially after previous inflammation. Eruptions and ulcers are painfully sore to touch. Burning and sticking in ulcers. Ulcers bleed easily.

Sleep.-- Day sleepiness, especially early in morning and evening, with spasmodic yawning. Restless, soporous slumber, with head thrown back. Stars up from sleep at night, as though' he could get no air.

Fever.-- Pulse: Hard, full and accelerated, sometimes intermittent, with ebullition of blood and throbbing in blood vessels. Chill: Regularly each evening about six or seven o'clock. In daytime, alternating with heat and photophobia, Nightly in bed, with intensification of all symptoms. Great chilliness in open air. Heat: Dry, burning, with a red face and great thirst, thro' the whole night. Dry, at night with dreams of uncovering. Flying heat. with sweat. Sweat: Constant, copious by day and night. Very easy s. in daytime, especially from every mental effort. At night and in early morning with thirst. Cold, clammy, often sour or offensive smelling.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Am-c., ANT-C., Ap., Arg-n., ARS., BELL., Bros., Caust., CHAM, CUPR., Dros., Euphr., FERR., Ign., IOD., LACH., Lyc. MERC., Merc-c., Nit-ac., Rhus-t., Sep., SIL., SPOD., Sul., Thuj., ZINC.

Complementary: Iod., Sil.,