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Mind.-- Great forgetfulness, especially for names. Early in morning he frequently stares absently before him. Sadness and depression. Peevishness and perverseness. Inclination to find fault with and disparage everything.

Head.-- Intensely violent stitches in brain. Tearing in side of, extending into cheek. Sensation as though' external head were swollen and blood vessels were overfilled.

Eyes.-- Sensation in, as though' balls were swelled and the lids were too short to cover them. Pimples with white tips in eyebrows. Dilated pupils. Paralysis in optic nerve

Ears.-- Intense earache with tearing pains.

Nose.-- Profuse, watery discharge from.

Face.-- Face ache, painful stitches in zygoma and in cheek muscles.

Teeth.-- Drawing, tearing pain in, terminating in a single stitch. Pressure pain when biting them together.

Throat.-- Violent burning in. Rheumatic tonsillitis.

Appetite: Intense hunger, early in morning and in forenoon loathing of all food. Intense thirst.

Eructations: Much, empty e.

Vomiting: Pinching pain, as from incarcerated flatus which constantly settles backwards and downwards. Quivering in muscles of. Inguinal hernia.

Stool.-- Constipation. Hard, crumbling. very offensive.

Urine.-- Continuous urging to urinate, with profuse discharge of foul smelling urine. Cutting when urinating. stitches in neck of bladder after ineffectual urging to urinate.

Cough.-- Dry. excited by irritation in epigastrium, with shortness of breath until relieved by expectoration. Cough, with copious, offensive - smelling purulent expectoration.

Chest.-- Stitches in left, worse inspiration. Pleurodynia of tuberculosis.

Back.-- Intolerable stiffness thro' one side of, extending from nape to lumbar region, during motion. Tearing from axilla down along side of. Contractive pain between scapulae.

Lower Extremities.-- Crawling, pressive bone pains in thighs.

Generalities.-- Tearing and sticking pains in muscles of upper and lower limbs, with heat of parts. Immobile stiffness of the distorted limbs. Asleep sensation in limbs. Great sluggishness and weariness, especially in thighs, with aversion to motion. Extraordinary emaciation. Discomfort in body, better yawning and stretching limbs. Most complaints appear when sitting early in morning and during forenoon. Affected parts are very sensitive to touch. Suppurations and fetid discharge.

Bones.-- Swelling and softening of. Caries

Sleep.-- - Nightly restlessness and sleeplessness. Insufficient, weak and soft, but accelerated. Chill: Internal, over whose body, even near a warm stove, most in afternoon and evening. On back. Heat: Evening especially on face. Sweat: Likewise, mostly on head and face. Also when walking in open air. Very offensive night sweats.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Bry., Graph. Kre., Mer., Phyt.