Mind.-- Familiar things seem strange. Confusion, he could not tell where he was. Difficult memory. Unconsciousness.

Head.-- Throbbing: With fullness, gradually increasing and gradually decreasing, with shocks at every heat beat, heart - beat felt like a hammer beating in head. Aching in and pulse increase and diminish together. Congestion to: It seems as if he must lose his reason, alternating with congestion to heart, causing a sensation of coldness. Sensation: As if hanging with head downward, of bursting, the skull seems too small, with violent heart action and pulsation over whole body, of enormous enlargement, as if brain were loose, as if sore, bruised, of undulation in, of cracking in brain, as if a cold cloth were spread over brain, of constriction around forehead, of aching deep in brain. Sudden, piercing pain in. Burning pain in. Excessive heat in. Brain fever. Numbness of scalp. Worse: Shaking head. Heat, external, of sun, of gas, etc. Stepping. Sitting erect. Stooping. Rising. Exertion. Blows or jars to head. Better: Open air. Cold applications. Pressure. Lying down. Throwing head back. After stool. Must have head uncovered.

Eyes.-- Staring and wild, protruding. Redness of. Burning and aching in balls. Sensation of water running out of. Lightnings before. Lids heavy.

Ears.-- Audible pulse in. Redness of.

Nose.-- Twitchings in wings of.

Face.-- Red during headache. Burning twitching or simple pain in malar bone. Sensation: As if swelled, as if chin were elongated, as if lower lip were hanging down, of gnawing in masseter muscles. contraction of temporal and masseter muscles.

Teeth.-- Throbbing in all.

Mouth.-- Dry, parched feeling in. Saliva increased. Swelled sensation of tongue, hard palate, fauces and throat. Tongue numb, twitching.

Taste: Sweetish, fatty, like pine wood.

Throat.-- Itching in, and in soft palate. Tingling in. Tight, chocky feeling about.

Stomach.-- Gnawing, pain or faintness in pit. Emptiness in.

Hypochondria: Sensation as if blood rushed thro' chest to head from.

Nausea: With pain in stomach, with sinking in epigastrium.

Abdomen.-- Rumbling in.

Stool.-- Diarrhoea, with sudden cessation of menses. Copious. Blackish. Lumpy. Foamy, like soapsuds.

Urine.-- Albuminous.

Sexual Organs.-- Sensation as after repeated coition. Menses ceased and the headache increased in violence.

Respiration.-- Inclination to deep breathing, to sigh.

Back.-- Neck: Weakness of muscles of. Cramp in. Constriction, as of a band around. As if something moved from nape to head, stiffness of.

Chest.-- Constriction. Oppression with palpitation. Sudden throbbing in way as from left chest to head, worse motion. Fullness or heat rising into head. Heart: Lancinations extending to between shoulders, to scapula. Anxiety at, worse lying on left side, must lie with head high. Heaviness. Fullness. Alternation of palpitation and congestion to head. Shocks at, with pricking in arms and hands.

Extremities.-- Sensation of picking, tingling, being bloated, weariness, heaviness, or numbness. Falling asleep of part, lain on.

Upper Extremities.-- Arms droop. Pains in bones of. Feeling in right wrist as if tied up or contracted. Pulsation in finger - tips.

Lower Extremities.-- Great weakness, even to giving way.

Generalities.-- Sudden and violent irregularities of the circulation. Sensations of throbbing expansion or fullness predominate. Inability to bear any heat about head, bad effects of heat of sun, body seems asleep. Trickling sensations over face, inside of forehead, down throat, etc. Gnawing in stomach, occiput and masseter muscles. Worse: Injury. Jar, Heat, wine. Better: Coffee, sweat, after stool.

Skin.-- Dark blue. Rash on, after washing.

Sleep.-- Sleepiness, with hot face and pallor. Dreams, causing weeping, ludicrous.

Fever.-- Pulse. Sudden great variableness, m now quick, now slow. Failing. Chill: After getting heated. Coldness of single parts, head, feet, etc. Cold shudders down back. Heat:Stinging, burning, sudden glowing, in flushes. With pulsation in head: Of single parts. Burning between shoulders. Going upward. Sweat: During headache. Sweat ameliorates the symptoms.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: AMYL-N., AP., Bell., Cact., Ferr. Gels. Melil., Nat-c., Nat-m., Op., Phos., Sang., Stram., Sul.

Complementary: Bell.