Ferrum metallicum


Mind.-- Changeable mood. Anxiety as though' he had committed a crime. Quarrelsome, vehement and dogmatic. Excessively merry one evening, alternating with sadness and melancholy the next.

Vertigo.-- When descending, or looking at water, with nausea and blindness.

Head.-- Congestion so violent the veins swell up. Hammering, throbbing ache, recurring periodically. Headache in occiput when coughing. Painfulness of scalp to touch, with falling of hair. Worse: After midnight and toward morning.

Eyes.-- Puffiness around. Weak, dim, encircled by blue rings. Inflamed, with burning therein. Obscured vision in evening.

Nose.-- Nosebleed in evening. Nose constantly filled with clotted blood.

Face.-- Earthy, jaundiced complexion. Pale, with red spots on the pallid cheeks. Pale, puffy face, especially about eyes. Head and fiery redness of, with distended blood vessels. Pale, dry lips.

Throat.-- Pressive pain in, when swallowing.

Taste: Solid foods become dry and insipid when chewed. He can neither eat nor drink hot things.

Stomach.-- Spasmodic pressure in, after eating, especially after meat. Oppression of, each time after eating and drinking. Contraction in pit.

Hypochondria: Tension in right.

Appetite: Loss of, especially in forenoon. No appetite for anything but bread and butter. Aversion to meat and sour foods. Bad effects from beer, meat and sour things. Unquenchable thirst (or thirstlessness).

Eructations: Sour. Bitter, after fat food.

Vomiting: Of food, immediately after eating. Of the soured ingesta, at night or early in morning. After eating eggs. Sour, of food, relieved at once by eating. About midnight. Everything vomited is sour and acid.

Abdomen.-- Hard, distended. Spasms in muscles of, as thought a. were contracted especially from the exertion of stooping, compelling him to straighten up slowly. Flatulent colic at night.

Stool.-- Diarrhoea: Watery, with burning in anus, of undigested food. Mucus, with ascarides.

Sexual Organs.-- Painful soreness and smarting in vagina, and want of pleasurable sensation during coition. Swellings and indurations in vagina. Barrenness. Miscarriage. Impotency in the male.

Female.-- Menses: Too early, and too profuse. Suppressed. uterine hemorrhage, with labor - like pains in abdomen and a glowing red face. Labor - like pains and stitching headache, during. Persistent, milky, acrid (or painless) leucorrhoea.

Respiration.-- Hot breath. Want of breath, mostly when at rest. Tightness of chest, especially when sitting and after midnight. Anxious oppression of chest Loud breathing, as if asleep, when sitting still.

Cough.-- Spasmodic, excited by tickling in trachea, with expectoration of transparent tenacious mucus, early in morning, ceasing immediately after eating a little. Spasmodic, after the noon meal, with vomiting of ingesta. With frothy or greenish, finely blood - streaked expectoration during day, of a sweetish, putrid or sourish taste. Inability to breathe when coughing, better after eating. Copious, purulent expectoration early in morning, in evening, after lying down, the cough becomes dry. Haemoptysis at night and early in morning.

Larynx.-- Roughness of. Hoarseness.

Chest.-- Constricting spasm of. Feeling of dryness in. (Lach.) Stitches in, when coughing. Pains, as though bruised, when coughing. Pressure superiorly on sternum.

Back.-- Tearing between scapulae.

Upper Extremities.

Nightly sticking and tearing in arms. Paralytic tearing pain, extending from shoulder - joint into muscles of upper arm and clavicle, rendering raising of arm impossible. gradually disappearing from slow motion. Numb, distorted fingers. Swollen hands and feet.

Lower Extremities.-- Nightly sticking and tearing, extending from hip - joint into thighs, gradually disappearing from slow motion. Numb thighs. Cramp in calves during rest, especially at night. Swelling of feet to ankles. Distorted toes. Cold feet.

Generalities.-- Rapid emaciation. Weakness of body, almost amounting to paralysis. Restless limbs. Cracking in joints. Sudden cramps in limbs, frequently during day. Distorted limbs. Inclination to lie down, from a sense of weakness internally. Indisposition from walking in open air. After effects of misuse of China and tea. Most complaints appear at night and toward morning. Attacks are worse during rest, especially when sitting still, and better from slow motion.

Skin.-- Dirty, earth - colored. Anasarca.

Sleep.-- Restless, with anxious tossing. Great drowsiness and fatigue, with inability to sleep at night. Falls to sleep late in evening. Can lie on back only.

Fever.-- Pulse: Full and hard. Violent ebullitions. Chill: Shuddering in frequent, short attacks. With a glowing face and thirst. General coldness in evening in bed, often lasting all night. Chilliness and want of natural vital heat. Heat: Dry, over the whole body, especially towards evening, with a very red face and inclination to uncover. Sweat: Very profuse and long continued, form every movement, during day as well as at night, and while in bed in the early morning. Clammy and mostly very exhausting. From morning till noon, every other day. Strong - smelling night s. Sometimes a cold, anxious s. (during spasms).

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Ap., Arn., ARS., Bor., Carb-v., Chin., Glo., HEP., Ip., Puls., Sul., Sul-ac., Verat-a.

Complementary: China.