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Mind.-- Anxious solicitous disposition. Quiet earnestness with inclination to work.

Head.-- Bruised sensation in occiput.

Eyes.-- Inflamed, with itching in lids and angles. Flow of biting tears. Agglutinated early in morning. Dim vision. Diplopia.

Face.-- Red, inflamed, painful swelling of cheeks, with yellowish vesicles which discharge a thick yellow moisture.

Teeth.-- Pressive, sticking ache. Toothache, worse by touch. Crumbling teeth.

Mouth.-- Dry internally without especial thirst. Burning in throat, extending into stomach, with heat and anxiety. Salivation, preceded by shaking and griping in stomach.

Thirst: Intense, for cold drinks.

Stomach.-- Burning like fire in. Spasmodic constriction in.

Abdomen.-- Empty feeling in, as after an emetic. Burning in. Spasmodic, flatulent colic with distensive pressure pains better resting upon elbows and knees.

Stool.-- Diarrhoeic, with tenesmus, burning in anus and painfulness in abdomen. First thin, then nodular.

Urine.-- Urging to urinate, with diminished discharge passed drop by drop.

Sexual organs.-- Erections without sexual desire.

Respiration.-- Short, as though' chest were too narrow, with tension in chest muscles.

Cough.-- Dry, hollow, from tickling in throat or chest. Dry by day and night, only early in morning is there copious expectoration.

Chest.-- Burning in. Stitches in left side of during rest, disappearing during motion. Sensation as though' the lobe (left) of lung were adherent.

Upper Extremities.-- Scarlet red stripes on forearms, itching when touched

Lower Extremities.-- Dislocative pain in hip - joint. Nightly burning in upper femur. Great weakness of lower legs.

Generalities.-- Rheumatic pains in limbs, of a tearing or pressive sticking sort, almost exclusively during rest. Paralytic weakness in joints, felt particularly when beginning to move. Burning pains in internal parts. Complaints are worse during rest, especially when sitting, and from touching affected parts.

Bones.-- Burning in. Caries.

Skin.-- Burning itching necessitating scratching. Old, indolent ulcers. Cold gangrene. Boils. Warts. Erysipelas bullossum.

Sleep.-- Day sleepiness. Feeling to sleep late in evening.

Fever.-- Chill: And chilliness predominate. When beginning to eat and while walking in the open, not cold, air. With coexistent sweat. Cold shuddering over whole upper part of body with heat of cheeks. Went proper bodily warmth, with internal burning heat. Heat: With intolerance of clothing, it seems too heavy. On head only. Sweat: Early in morning in bed. Cold sweat on lower legs.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Ars., Flu-ac., Kre., Lyc., Merc., Merc-c., Mez., Puls., Rhus-t., Sep., Zinc.