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Mind.-- Great anxiety, weeping and solicitude for the future. Sadness. Raving excitement, alternating with melancholy.

Vertigo.-- With trembling.

Head.-- Stitches: in temples in evening and at night, in forehead, extending into nose, especially after cold drinks. Pressure in forehead from mental exertion. Feeling as though' something in head fell forward, when stooping. Itching sensation inside of. Feeling like water or waves striking within. Worse: Standing, talking, shaking or bending it backward. Better: Inclining it forward.

External Head.-- Constantly inclines to sink or fall backward, while sitting and walking, as though' the anterior neck muscles bad lost their tone. Hydrocephalus.

Eyes.-- Burning pain in orbital arch. Blue lids. Inflamed meibomian glands. Lids are agglutinated by mucus. Biting tears. Cloudy crystalline lens, without pains. Dim vision.

Nose.-- Coryza, with hoarseness.

Face.-- Pale. Skin of is a transparent bluish color. Black, suppurating sweat pores. Thin, blue lips. Dry lips.

Mouth.-- Rawness, redness and scratching in cavity of and in throat. Profuse flow of sweetish saliva. Offensive salivation. Blue tongue.

Taste: Bitter, in mouth. Sweetish, with constant collection of water in mouth. Bread is unpalatable, it tastes bitter.

Stomach.-- Sense of intense weakness, as though' he would die, immediately after eating. Cramp in, with nausea and vomiting, somewhat better eructations. Stitches extending from pit into sides and back.

Nausea: Continuing after vomiting. And vomiting of all food, as soon as be eats. After expectorating she must instantly vomit the ingesta. Vomits: Mucus, first food, then bile.

Abdomen.-- Pinching Contraction in, as though intestines were twisted. Ascites.

Stool.-- Diarrhoeic, of faecal masses mixed with mucus. Gray, ashy. white, like lime. Watery diarrhoea.

Urine.-- Ineffectual, anxious urging to urinate. Constant urging, with scanty discharge of red urine. She is able to hold her urine longer when lying down. Frequent necessary to urinate, whereat a little only is passed by drops, each time. Difficult urination, as if from narrowing of urethra. Diminished section of, sometimes alternating with profuse watery discharge of. Dark brown or red. Inflamed bladder. Cutting before and after urinating.

Sexual Organs.-- Dropsical swelling of. Hydrocele, the scrotum looks like a bladder filled with water.

Respiration.-- Tightness of chest when lying and walking.

Cough.-- Hollow, dry, spasmodic, excited by roughness in palate and trachea, dry in morning, in evening, scanty, difficult expectoration of yellow, gelatinous, sweetish mucus, sometimes with a little dark blood. Dry with pain in shoulders and arms. With smarting in chest. With bloody expectoration, of like boiled starch.

Larynx.-- Hoarseness, early in morning.

Chest.-- Sense of weakness rising from stomach. Hydrothorax. Anxious, strong and audible palpitation, with contraction in sternum.

Extremities.-- Pain in shoulder and arm. Chronic sciatica. Tumefaction about knee, with sticking pains. Swelling of feet during day, becoming thinner again at night. Cold hands and feet.

Generalities.-- Sticking pains in muscles of upper and lower limbs. Extreme faintness and debility, with sweat. Attacks of excessive weakness, especially after breakfast and dinner. Great nervous weakness. Dropsy, of internal and external parts. Gouty nodes. Digitalis first affects the heart then the skin.

Tissues.-- Glands swollen and indurated.

Skin.-- Corrosive itching, terminating in burning sticking when not scratched. Anasarca. Cyanosis. Jaundice.

Sleep.-- Interrupted, at night Persistent day sleepiness, like sopor. Drowsiness during day, disturbed by attacks of vomiting.

Fever.-- Pulse: Extremely slow, especially during rest. Irregular and sometimes intermittent. Form every motion it immediately becomes accelerated, full and hard, afterward during rest it quickly sinks back to its accustomed slowness. Chill: More internal, with warmth of face, but beginning with coldness of extremities, from which it spreads over entire body. Chilliness and shuddering over entire back. Internal, with external warmth. General with heat and redness of face. Alternating with heat. Extraordinary coldness of hands and feet, with cold sweat. Great sensitiveness to cold. heat: Unusually appears a long time after the chill. Sudden overrunning sensation o, followed by weakness. Increased bodily warmth, with cold sweat on face. Heat of one hand, with coldness of the other. Sweat: At night, mostly cold and somewhat clammy. Immediately after the chill, without previous heat. General.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Ars. Bell., Chin., Con., Glo., Merc., Nux-v., Op., Phos. Phos-ac. Plat., Puls., Spig., Sul-ac.