Cuprum metallicum


Mind.-- Vanishing senses. Exaltation of. Spiteful, malicious insanity with hauteur, intermingled with clonic spasms. Extraordinary anxiety as if afraid of death. Restless tossing about. Groaning. Desire to escape. Fearfulness. Frightened easily. Attacks of raving madness. Oversensibility of all senses. The attacks of frenzy end in sweat.

Vertigo.-- With almost every complaint. With sinking forward of head (Gels.). With vanishing of all the senses.

Head.-- Pressive ache worse touch. Crawling sensation in vertex. Meningitis.

External Head.-- Convulsions of, with to and fro motion, drawing in sharply away or sideways, drawing in sharply away or sideways, or sinking forward of, worse or renewed by every touch (in hydrocephalus). Bluish - red swelling of, with convulsive twitching of limbs, worse touch, which also causes pain in the swelling.

Eyes.-- Distorted. Staring, sunken. Turned upward. Tightly closed. Insensible pupils.

Face.-- Pale, sunken. Intensely red. Bluish, and blue lips. Spasms and distortion of facial muscles.

Teeth.-- Difficult dentition in children, with convulsions.

Mouth.-- Foaming at. Burning in throat. Cold tip of tongue. Hoarse crying, like a child. Drink gurgles audibly down the oesophagus.

Taste: Sweetish, coppery.

Stomach.-- Pressure in pit, worse from touch Gnawing and corroding sensation in.

Appetite: Eats hastily. Inclination, for cold foods. unquenchable thirst with a dry throat.

Eructations: Hiccough precedes the spasmodic attacks.

Nausea: From abdomen up into throat. Intense retching. Vomiting: Offensive bilious, or bloody, of water containing floating flocks, with abdominal cramps, and convulsions, of solid food only.

Abdomen.-- Intense abdominal pains with agony. Pressure as of a stone in, worse touch. Atrocious cramps, also in, worse touch. Atrocious cramps, also in stomach, with convulsions. Eroding sticking ulcers in.

Stool.-- Retained, with general heat. Diarrheas: Violent, watery, mixed with flocks.

Urine.-- Suppressed. Tenacious and very offensive. Frequent nightly urination.

Female.-- Menses: Continue too long. Suppressed, with abdominal cramps. Spasms of chest before.

Respiration.-- Arrested. Whistling. Rattling. Rapid, with whimpering, and snoring in trachea. Difficult, with convulsive working of abdominal muscles.

Cough.-- Incessant, dry, not even allowing an intermission for breathing. Better a swallow of cold water. In long uninterrupted paroxysms, lasting until the breath is completely exhausted, excited by mucus in trachea or spasm in larynx, quite dry in evening, in the morning a scanty expectoration of mucus with dark blood, of a foul taste and smell.

Chest.-- Constriction. - Rattling of mucus in. Painful and spasmodic contraction of. After fright or anger and before menses, spasms of, which deprive him of speech and breath. Anxious palpitation.

Upper Extremities.-- Tearing twitching in arms and hand. s Bluish mottled arms and hands. Twitching of muscles of forearms and hands. Twitching fingers.

Lower Extremities.-- Weariness in knee joints. Twitching of muscle of lower leg. Painful cramp in calves. Twitches in toes.

Generalities.-- Violent convulsions with piercing shrieks. Chronic spasms, (Cramps): Beginning in fingers and toes, preceded by weeping. Nightly twitchings. Epileptic attacks. Weariness and great relaxation of entire body. Great emaciation. Intolerance of the least touch, it renews and intensifies the symptoms. Stiffness and rigidity of whole body. Trembling. Spasmodic cramps. All remedies overact, aggravate without helping.

Bones.-- Pain as though' broken. Caries.

Skin.-- Dry itch. Chronic ulcers.

Sleep.-- Somnolency. Deep, with twitchings.

Fever.-- Pulse: usually small, almost imperceptible, weak and very slow, more seldom full, hard and accelerated. Chill: Over entire body, most severe on extremities. Icy coldness of entire body. After every attack of illness (also after epilepsy). Heat: Overrunning, flying. Internal, exhausting, consuming heat. Sweat: Cold, at night. Many attacks (of epilepsy and mania) and with (cold) sweat.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Bell., Calc-c., Caust., Chin., Cic., Coccl., Con., Dulc., HEP., Hyos., Ign., Ip., Lyc., Merc., Nux-v., Op., Phos-ac., Phyt. PULS., Sep., Sil., SUL., VERAT-A.

Complementary: Calc-c.