Colchicum autumnale


Mind.-- Distraction and forgetfulness. Surly ill - humor. His sufferings seem intolerable. Slight pain or external causes and impressions put him quite beside himself.

Head.-- Pressive pain in occiput excited by mental exertion. Tearing in scalp. Crawling on head and over forehead. Worse: Mental exertion, noise. Better: Rest, lying.

Eyes.-- Ulceration of meibomian grands with swollen lids.

Ears.-- Crawling in. Suppurating, with tearing pain therein (after measles).

Nose.-- Crawling in. Smell morbidly acute.

Face.-- Doleful, sad expression. Yellow, spotted color. Edematous swelling of. Crawling in. Sensations if bones were being driven asunder.

Teeth.-- Tearing in roots of, and in gums.

Mouth.-- Heat in. Crawling in fauces. Inflamed buccal cavity and fauces. Profuse salivation. Tongue insensible and stiff.

Taste: Food tastes like old linen.

Stomach.-- Sensitiveness of region, to touch. Burning or cold sensation in. Stitches in pit.

Appetite: Lost. Incessant, intense thirst.

Nausea, etc. - Nausea from odors, of fresh eggs or fat meat. Vomiting: Violent of ingesta, leaving a bitter aftertaste, renewed by every movement.

Abdomen.-- Distension of, with dragging pains. Burning or cold sensation in. Ascites, with a fold overhanging the pubic arch. (sep.)

Stool.-- Painful urging, with scanty discharge. Constipated. Dysenteric, of white mucus only, with intense tenesmus.

Anus.-- Crawling, taring and burning in.

Urine.-- Constant urging to urinate, with scanty discharge. Scanty discharge of dark red urine with burning and urging in urethra Whitish sediment

Female.-- Menses: Too early.

Respiration.-- Difficult, with anxious oppression of chest, better bending forward.

Cough.-- Frequent, short, dry. At night, with involuntary spurting of urine.

Chest.-- Pressive tension in. Spasms in. Hydrothorax. Stitches in, during inspiration and when coughing. Violent palpitation.

Back.-- Tearing in, and in lumbar region. Painful soreness of lumbar region to touch.

Upper Extremities.-- Tearing in arms, extending into fingers. Paralytic pain in arms. Crawling in finger tips.

Lower Extremities.-- Tearing through entire leg extending into toes. (Edematous swelling of legs and feet. Crawling in tips of toes.

Generalities.-- Creeping in many parts of body, as after being frosted, during changing weather. Tearing in limbs during warm, and sticking in during cold weather. Tearing jerks like electric shocks, with paralytic sensation though' one whole side of body. Weakness though' all limbs, with a feeling as if paralyzed, Debility and weakness from night work and night watching. Frequent starting. The pains become quite unendurable toward evening and only grow less at break of day. Sensitiveness to touch and motion, of entire body, especially the suffering parts. Tendency to dropsy.

Skin.-- Edematous swelling and anasarca. Suppressed transpiration.

Fever.-- Pulse: Extraordinarily accelerated, hard and full. Chill: And shuddering running though' all the members. Frequent cold shudders run down the back. Heat: Only externally, a dry heat of the skin. Dry, but only external, throughout the whole night, with violent, insatiable thirst. Sweat: Completely suppressed and wanting. l

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies. Ars., Bell., Flu-ac., Merc., Nux-v., Op., Puls., Tab.

Complementary: Ars., Spi.