Cicuta virosa


Mind.-- Childish insanity, she does all kinds of foolish things, with heat of body and thirst for wine. Confuses the past with the present. Uneasy concerning the future. Sadness, with whining and howling. Timidity, tendency to be startled. Suspicion and mistrust, what anthropophobia. He is violently affected by sad stories.

Vertigo.-- Causing him to fall down. Reeling, it seems as though surrounding objects moved and whirled about.

Head.-- Unilateral, stupefying ache, as from congestion of blood, disappearing when sitting erect. Consequences of concussion of brain.

External Head.-- Jerky trembling of (and of legs) from every movement of, interrupted by single jerks like electric shocks. Retracted or frequently repeated backward bending of. Sunken forward, eyes seem fixed on an object. Burning, suppurating eruption on. Worse: Motion and cold. Better: Rest, warmth.

Eyes.-- Contracted pupils. Staring fixedly at a single object, which, nevertheless, is not seen distinctly. When staring fixedly at a single point the head gradually sinks down so that finally the pupils are turned in an upward direction. Objects appear double and black.

Ears.-- Burning, suppurating eruption on, and around.

Nose.-- Ulcerated nostrils with discharge of yellow pus.

Face.-- Burning, purulent, confluent eruption on. Milk - crust. Painful, burning ulcers on lips. Lockjaw. Gnashing teeth.

Mouth.-- Foam in, and about. Inability to swallow, as though' throat were grown together internally. Swollen tongue, with white, painful, burning ulcers on its edge. Difficult speech, when talking his head jerks, whereby he seems to swallow a syllable.

Appetite: Quickly satiated. Great longing for charcoal. Violent thirst during spasms.

Qualmishness, etc. - Early in morning and when eating. Vomiting blood.

Stomach.-- Burning pressure in. Anxiety in pit.

Abdomen.-- Heat and burning in. Bellyache with convulsions, (from worms in children).

Stool.-- Profuse, thin. Retained.

Urine.-- Profuse, in a large stream, with frequent urging. Involuntary, from paralysis of bladder. Suppressed urination.

Respiration.-- Shortness of, from tonic spasm of chest muscles.

Chest.-- Burning in. Thrusting or sore pain on lower end of sternum.

Back.-- Opisthotonos.

Neck: Cramp like tension in cervical muscles, when he turns his head he cannot get it back again. Tonic spasms.

Upper Extremities.-- Veins of hands are enlarged. When walking the feet tilt inwards.

Lower Extremities.-- Painful sensation of stiffness in legs. When walking the feet tilt inwards.

Generalities.-- Twitchings, especially in upper and lower limbs. Epileptiform convulsions and epileptic attacks. Tonic spasms. Convulsions in children with warm complaints. General weariness and exhaustion. Pains as from a thrust or blow in many parts of the body.

Skin.-- Burning, itching. Moist, purulent eruptions, with yellow, honey - colored crusts and burning pains only.

Sleep.-- Day sleepiness. Nightly sleeplessness, sometimes entirely imperceptible. Chill: And chilliness, with desire for heat of stove and warmth. Spreads from the chest to arms and down thighs, with staring. Heat: Slight and internal only, Sweat: At night, and in early morning, mostly on abdomen.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Arn., Bell., Dulc., Lyc., Merc., Op., Rhus-t., Stram., Verat-a.

Complementary: Carb-v., Ferr., Kali-c.