Chelidonium majus


Mind.-- Depression and sadness, even to weeping. Restlessness and solicitude concerning the present and future.

Head.-- Coldness in occiput, rising from neck. Headache as if pressed asunder. Crawling in, and upon. Milk crust on. Right - sided pain with icteroid symptoms. Worse: Motion. Better: Rest.

Eyes.-- Downward pressure on upper lids. Inflammatory redness and nightly purulent agglutination of. Contracted pupils. Albugo. Opacity of cornea. Lachrymal fistula.

Ears.-- Sensation of wind streaming from. Hearing vanishes when coughing.

Nose.-- Stuffed coryza with stoppage of one nostril.

Face.-- Red, without heat. Tension and drawing in zygoma. Itching over entire face and forehead. Herpes, especially on chin.

Throat.-- Chocking in, as after swallowing too large morsel, worse breathing. Difficult swallowing, as from pressure of larynx on oesophagus.

Stomach.-- Cutting in when yawning. Gnawing pain, disappearing after eating. Burning in.

Appetite: Much thirst for milk, which is especially beneficial. Bad effects of clabber.

Eructations: Tasting of juniper berries.

Nausea: Rising from stomach, with a sensation of warmth therein, and over entire body.

Abdomen.-- Persistent cutting in intestines, immediately after eating. Spasmodic bellyache, with qualmishness and retraction of navel.

Stool.-- Hard, knotty. Nightly mucus diarrhoea.

Urine.-- Pale. Burning, sticking and cutting in urethra.

Female.-- Menses: Too late, but continuing too long, and increasing during three days.

Respiration.-- Difficult, with short fits of coughing, preceded by pain in right, then left side of chest. Oppression of chest on expiration. Short and quick, from oppression which is relieved by a few deep inspiration.

Cough.-- Frequent, dry, violent, hollow or short, exhausting paroxysms of, excited by a tickling of larynx, so severe that it brings tears to the eyes, or by heat in trachea or a sensation of dust in trachea, throat and behind sternum, not better coughing, generally dry, sometimes its force expels lumps of mucus, sometime the exhausting morning cough is attended by much expectoration from deep in lungs.

Larynx, etc.-- Pressure on, also in trachea. Feeling as if air could not pass thro, ' from a swelling there, especially on right side Shooting and burning pains in region of, and in throat. Congestion to, with dull throbbing. Sense of constriction in trachea with deadly anguish and a vain wish for eructation. Heat in trachea. Spasms of glottis on expiration accompany the slight fits of coughing. Slight hoarseness.

Chest.-- Throbbing in lungs. Stitches and soreness in lungs, worse deep inspiration, cough, and sneezing. Violent stitches in cardiac region. Sudden anxiety, with strong palpitation. Stitches under left clavicle and in right mammary region. Milk disappears from mammae. Chest pains worse motion, and tight clothing.

Back.-- Pains, (sticking), in or beneath right, scapula. Tearing, pressive pain in as though' lumbar vertebrae were broken, when bending backward and forward.

Neck: Stiffness of both sides. Feels as if a napkin were tied around it, at larynx.

Upper Extremities.-- Paralytic pressure in upper arm. Stiff wrist joints. The distal phalanges of fingers become yellow, cold, as if dead, with blue nails.

Lower Extremities.-- Paralysis of thighs and knees. Stiff ankle joints. Toes insensible, dead.

Generalities.-- Paralysis of limbs. Cramplike pains here and there. Early in morning, on awaking and after eating, great weariness and laziness. Aversion to motion which becomes intolerable. Inclination to lie down after eating. A right sided remedy.

Skin.-- Old, putrid, spreading ulcers.

Sleep.-- Late falling to. Sleepiness with inability to sleep.

Fever.-- Pulse: Small and quick. Fuller and harder, but barely accelerated a little toward evening. Chill: And chilliness exclusively internal, with violent shaking in evening in bed. internal while walking in open air, it disappears in room. And coldness of whole body, most on hands and feet with greatly distended blood vessels. On one (r.) leg. Shuddering: Without external coldness, running down back. Heat: Internal, without thirst, in evening after lying down. Sweat: During sleep, after midnight and in the morning hours, quickly ceasing on awaking.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Calc-c., Lyc., Puls., Sul., merc.

Complementary. - Lyc., Merc-d.