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Mind.-- Stupidity. Day dreams. Mental obtuseness. Great, anxious excitability weeping, howling and tossing shout, Great anxiety at heart. Impatience. Peevishness, with incessant scraping and howling. Bad effects of anger, with vehemence and wrath: Glowing heat of face, hot sweat on head, spasms, fainting attacks with vertigo, qualmishness, or paralysis of legs. Aversion to music.

Vertigo.-- On raising up.

Head.-- Tearing in one side, or in forehead and temple, extending into jaws, waking one from sleep about midnight Congestion to, with throbbing therein, more on one side. Heavy. Aches from suppressed sweat. Hot, sticky sweat on scalp and over forehead. Worse: Night: open air, especially in the wind. Better: Warm applications, walking about in room, after rising.

External Head.-- Wags it to and fro. Very sensitive to fresh air, wind and touch. Erysipelatous swelling, mostly one - sided, of face, temples and head, with unbearable pain. Takes cold in, especially when sweating. Worse: Night, open air, wind, scratching. Better: Warm wraps, gentle motion in a warm room.

Eyes.-- Burning beat in. Inflammation of, until they bleed, and of lower lids, with swelling of latter. Distorted, with twitching lids. Spasmodic closure of lids. Aversion to bright light.

Ears.-- Earache, with sticking and tearing pains. Sensitive bearing.

Nose.-- Nose bleed. Ulcerated nostrils. Most extreme acuteness of smell. Fluent coryza.

Face.-- Red, puffy. Heat of, also with coldness of body. Swelling of one cheek. Redness of one cheek, paleness of the other. Twitching facial muscles and lips. Wrinkling of forehead. Deep cracks in lower lip.

Teeth.-- Unendurable, drawing ache at night, with thirst and hot, red, swollen cheeks. Toothache worse from warm drinks, especially coffee. Burning and swelling of gums during toothache. Spasms in children suffering with symptoms of the teeth.

Mouth.-- Foul breath. Sore throat with swollen parotids. frothing at. Inflammation of soft palate and tonsils. Inability to swallow solid food when lying, also in general. Food lodges in throat pit. Dryness in throat Red, figured tongue. Convulsive motions of tongue.

Taste: Putrid or bitter, in mouth.

Stomach.-- Violent pressure, as from a stone in, after every meal. Spasm of, after anger. Fullness in pit of, with anxiety.

Hypochondria: Inflation of. Inflammation of liver.

Appetite: Anorexia and repugnance to food. Great thirst for cold water.

Eructations: Sour, which intensify the symptoms. Bitter.

Nausea, etc. - Great qualmishness. Inclination to vomit after drinking coffee. Vomiting: Of bile, sour, of mucus or drink.

Abdomen.-- Cutting, burning and tearing in upper, with shortness of breath, Cramps in. Painful distension of, with inflamed intestines.

Flatulence: Colic from, especially at night.

Stool.-- Diarrhoea: At night, with frequent but small stools, greenish, hacked, or curdled, undigested, mucus, with bellyache and inflation of abdomen.

Urine.-- Hot. Anxious urging to urinate.

Sexual Organs.-- Labor - like pains in uterus. Anxiety and restlessness, with feeble labor pains during parturition.

Female.-- Menses: Uterine hemorrhage, of bad smelling clots. Discharge of blood between menses. Acrid leucorrhoea.

Respiration.-- Rapid, rattling. Short. Tightness of chest in region of throat pit.

Cough.-- Dry, after catching cold (in children in winter). Dull, suffocative, from, tickling in chest, throat, larynx and throat - pit, dry at night, during sleep during day, with expectoration of a scanty, tenacious mucus of a bitter or foul taste.

Larynx.-- Sticking burning in. Whistling and wheezing in trachea. Hoarseness.

Back.-- Neck: Inflammatory swelling and induration of cervical glands.

Chest.-- Burning stinging pain and bursting feeling in. Spasm of. Excoriated nipples. Scirrhous induration and swelling of mammae. Pus and cheesy milk in mammae. Tickling and stinging pain in throat pit. Palpitation.

Upper Extremities.-- Arms go to sleep easily when grasping anything tightly. Convulsion of arms with clenched thumbs. Cold sweat on palms.

Generalities.-- Nightly paralytic, tearing pains with numb feeling in limbs. Convulsive twitches in limbs. Convulsive twitches in limbs. Extremely sensitive to cool air and great aversion to wind. Oversensitive to pain, it seems unendurable and drives him in despair from place to place. Hyperesthesia of all the senses (especially also after coffee or narcotic palliatives). Pains are most intense at night and ear accompanied by heat and thirst. When the pain begins he quickly sinks down from prostration. Violent effects of anger, particularly if he eats or drinks at that time. Opisthotonos. Emaciation. The child always desires be carried.

Tissues.-- Glands inflamed, swollen.

Skin.-- Yellow, over entire body. Unhealthy. Excoriated, in children. Eruption with itching at night.

Sleep.-- Somnolency with short breath, starting and groaning. Nightly sleeplessness with visions and anxiety. Crying out, starting up, tossing about and weeping during sleep. Yawning and stretching.

Fever.-- Pulse: Small, but tense and accelerated, often very irregular and for a time weak. Chill: And shuddering usually only of single parts, with heat of others. Shivering with internal heat. And coldness of entire body, with burning heat of face and hot breath. Alternate shivering and coldness of some, with heat of other parts. Of posterior half, with heat of the other half of the body or the reverse. Shivering whenever he uncovers, and in cold air. Heat: Mingled with shuddering, mostly with one red and one pale cheek. Anxious, with sweat on face and hairy scalp. Long - continued, with intense thirst and frequent starting up in sleep. Burning, with sour sweat and furious delirium, most intense at night. Sweat: In sleep, most profuse on head, mostly sour, and smarting the skin. Recession of, consequently entirely wanting. Clammy.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: ACO., Alum., Ap., Ars., Bell., Bor., Caps., Chin., Cina., COCCL., Coff., Coloc., HEP., IGN., Ip., Kre., Lyc., MAG-C., NUX-V., Petr., PULS., Rhe., Rhus-t., Stram., Sul., Valer.