Calcarea phosphorica


Mind.-- Loss of memory. Stupid, slow comprehension. Confusion, with flatulency, washing in cold water. Violent screaming. Peevish, fretful, goes from place to places, likes to be alone.

Vertigo.-- Accompanies many symptoms, with running from nose and aching in bones, worse in windy weather.

Head.-- Vertex: Burning heat in, running down to toes, crawling over, as if ice were on upper occiput, with hot head and smarting of roots of hair. Pain along sutures. Both fontanelles open. Throbbing headache and diarrhoea during menses. Worse: Motion, stepping and exertion. Better: After eating, sneezing or applying cold water.

Eyes.-- - Protruding, squinting, balls feel sore or distended. Hot feeling of lids, with sweat on, and on brows. Worse: Artificial light, or when other talk about it.

Ears.-- Excoriating discharges. Pain in, with or alternating with rheumatism in other parts. Worse: Touch.

Nose.-- Feeling of a foreign body in. Bleeding in a afternoon. Coryza.

Face.-- Pain in upper jaw born.

Mouth.-- Teeth: Contracted feeling as if a draft of wind came from roots. Fresh air, warm or cold things. Tip of tongue sore burning, with little blisters on. Salivation: With coryza, with sense of dryness, copious acid saliva.

Taste: Bitter at start of menses, disgusting, worse when hawking.

Throat.-- Much hawking. Enlarged tonsils. Weakness and emptiness in fauces and throat.

Stomach.-- Easy vomiting. In children, when hawking. Expanded feeling in. Burning and waterbrash. Infantile indigestion. Emptiness and sinking in, and in abdomen. Flabby. Loud eructations which alleviate the pains. Pains are better after food.

Abdomen.-- Soreness and festering at navel. formication over, Asleep sensation in lower, in sacrum, and in lower limbs, numbness and quivering in walls. Weakness in lower. Worse: After eating, cold drinks, while passing stool or urine. Better: Eructations, after passing flatus, stool and urine, lying.

Anus and Rectum.-- Fistula. Throbbing in Hemorrhoids, oozing a yellow fluid.

Stool.-- Watery, burning, offensive, flatulent, with while points like flakes of pus. Cholera infantum with acute hydrocephalus. Worse: From juicy fruit, cider, during dentition, after vexation.

Urine.-- Copious, with weakness.

Sexual organs.-- Throbbing, with increased desire. Upward pressure over cons. Burning from vagina up into chest. Aching in uterus, in vagina, after nosebleed. leucorrhoea, Albuminous, bellyache. Profuse, dark menses. Labor - like pains, going into thighs, with involuntary stool and passing of blood when nursing child. Worse: Taking cold: while passing stool or urine.

Respiratory Organs.-- Suffocation, lying down, raising up. Involuntary sighing.

Chest.-- Milk, acid, Constriction, lying, getting up.

Back.-- Neck: Rheumatic pain, with stiffness, after being in a draft. Cramp - like pain in one side. Aching sore pain in region of parotid gland.

Back: Ache, with uterine pains. Scapular pains. Feeling as if sacro - symphysis were separated. Worse, Lifting.

Upper Extremities.-- Numbness of left arm in afternoon. Paralysis loss of power in affected part. Ulcerative pain in roots of nails.

Lower Extremities.-- Caries of hip - joint with stinking pus. Inability to walk after vexation, child no longer walks, infant is unable to stand. Cramp in calves when walking.

Generalities.-- Emaciation. Cretinism. Acid saliva, milk, heartburn, etc. Shifting pains. Sensations in small of soreness predominate. Sensations in small spots. Many symptoms go from right to left. Bilateral pains, on both sides of throat, bladder, uterus, and chest, all going upward, upward pressure in many parts. Conditions marked by numerous concomitants or alternating symptoms.

Worse: During dentition. Thinking of his complaints. Weather changes, cold, wet, damp weather. Sensitive to dampness. East winds. When snow melts. When menses are increased. Better: Rest.

Bones.-- Pains in, especially in shin - bones, along sutures and symphysis. Slow or absent ossification of fractures, fontanelles, etc. Caries. Exostoses. Rachitis. Deficient formation of.

Skin.-- Dark - brown, yellowish. Red, with prickling like nettles after a bath.

Sleep.-- Day sleepiness.

Fever.-- Chill: With uterine pains or motions of scrotum. Coldness behind eyes, of prominent parts, ears, nose, etc., with hot face. Heat, Running downward, without thirst. On mammae. With many complaints. Sweat: On single parts. On palms. Cold.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Calc-c., Calc-f., Phos., Sil.

Complementary: China.