Caladium seguinum


Mind.-- Apprehensiveness before going to sleep. Loud wailing and inconsiderate prattling, like a child. Great solicitude concerning everybody's else, as well as his own health.

Head.-- Pressive headache on side on which he has been lying.

Ears.-- Great sensitiveness to noise, especially on endeavoring to sleep. Earache during the fever.

Stomach.-- Burning in. Empty feeling in. Stitches in pit, whereby it is always drawn inward.

Appetite: Thirst with dry mouth. Aversion to cold water. Hasty eating.

Abdomen.-- Burning in upper.

Stool.-- Very scanty, pappy.

Urine.-- Sensitiveness of region of bladder to touch.

Sexual Organs.-- Impotency with lustfulness. (After coition) swollen and painfully sore prepuce. Flaccid, sweaty.

Respiration.-- Short, from pressure in epigastrium.

Cough.-- Paroxysms of weak but irritable. cough, with expectoration of small lumps of mucus, without expectoration of small lumps of mucous. Without resonance, at night. When coughing, sensation as though the attacks originate above larynx, which feels constricted.

Chest.-- Hollowness and emptiness in, after expectoration.

Generalities.-- Inclination to lie down and great aversion to motion. All symptoms are ameliorated by sweat and after a short sleep. (Nux-v.).

Skin.-- Itching, burning miliary rash on chest and forearms, alternating wit tightness of chest. Fly bites burn and itch severely.

Sleep.-- Day sleepiness with inability to sleep. Anxious groaning and moaning during.

Fever.-- Pulse: Hard, jumping. Chill: In evening, with coldness which spreads from abdomen to feet and fingers. After midnight. Heat: Internal only, with throbbing in body. During the sleep before midnight quickly ceasing on awaking,. Sweat: Exhausting, it greatly attacks the files, which persistently plague him. When it breaks out all the symptoms are ameliorated.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Canth., CAPS., Ign., Nux-v.