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Mind.-- Depression and melancholy. Wailing and crying in a hoarse tone. Apprehensive, of seeing things in evening. Desire form mental labor.

Vertigo.-- When crossing running water, in damp weather, with tendency to fall backwards, with confusion of the head.

Head.-- Headache: In the heat of the sun, from drinking milk. Sensitive to cold air. Congestion to, and stiffness of muscles of neck. Left sided pains. Worse: Stooping.

Eyes.-- Lachrymation. Burning pains with spasmodic closure.

Nose.-- Fluent coryza, with scabby nostrils, with violent sneezing and blood - streaked corrosive discharges. nose - bleed accompanies many symptoms, it ameliorates the vertigo, eye and chest symptoms.

Face.-- Pale. Sensation of a cobweb on.

Mouth.-- Salivation. Inflammation of fauces, with net - like redness and denuded patches. Much frothy mucus in. Affects tip of tongue.

Taste: Salty: Of water, on tip of tongue.

Throat.-- Rawness, scrapping and constriction in.

Nausea, etc. - Retching and inclination to vomit.

Abdomen.-- Tympanitic distension of, with evolution of large quantities of gas. Eructations, and passage of much flatus.

Stool.-- Yellowish green or blackish diarrhoea, with blind hemorrhoids which pain severely. Diarrhoea: From oysters, better from coryza.

Sexual Organs.-- Passage of flatus from vagina.

Respiratory Organs.-- Suffocative attacks as from vapor of sulphur. Great tightness of chest (dyspnoea) Gasping for air. Rawness, scraping and sense of constriction in all respiratory organs.

Cough.-- Croupy, rough, barking or whistling, excited by tickling in throat, as from vapor of sulphur, or by scraping and rawness in larynx, without expectoration. With paroxysms of suffocation, suddenly on swallowing.

Larynx.-- Inspired air is very cold. Constriction. Soreness in. Croup, also during whooping cough. Hoarseness.

Chest.-- Oppression of, with palpitation. Very sensitive to cold air.

Extremities.-- Cold, moist hands.

Generalities.-- Greatly increased secretions. Symptoms predominate on left side or go from left to right. tickling, burning or boring sensations predominate, the latter especially in bones. Gangrene. Great weakness, especially in bones. Gangrene. Great weakness, especially after other symptoms have subsided. Tremblings. Plump figure. Constrictions and spasmodic phenomena prevail.

Tissues.-- Glands swollen and indurated.

Skin.-- Formication. Tickling in many parts. Yellow, Boils.

Sleep.-- Yawning and sleepiness, with difficult breathing, with violent shivering.

Fever.-- Pulse: Greatly accelerated. Chill: Every other day, with shaking, yawning, stretching and cold feet. Sensitive to cold air. Heat: Internal, burning as if between skin and flesh. Great, when in bed. Sweat: From motion or least exertion. After the paroxysms of cough.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: AM-C., Ant-c., Ars., Com., Coff., Flu-ac., Hep., Iod., Kre., Mag-c., Nat-m., Op., Phos., Spo.