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Mind.-- Reeling as if intoxicated, and mental stupefaction, better motion of head, eating and drinking. Vanishing of senses and ideas. Complete unconsciousness. Insanity with buffoonery. Violent delirium, with inclination to toss about. Biting, spitting and striking. Mental aberration after dried or fright with mortification or vexation. Anguish and restlessness. Hasty speech. Fantastic illusions and frightful pictures before eyes. Tremulous, anxious mood. Whining and fearful. Despondent. Fear of death, with great anxiety and restlessness (in child - bed). Sad and indifferent. Mistrust. Hypochondriacal depression. Peevishness. Weeping and crying. Constantly laughing. Great self - will in children. Frenzy and madness. Desire to escape.

Vertigo.-- With anguish and falling down (backward) unconscious. With weariness before and after each attack. Sensation of being rocked. Reeling, as if drunk from moving head worse after eating and drinking.

Head.-- Stupefying ache in forehead with congestion to, ending in unconsciousness. Periodically recurring nervous headache. Congestion to, with heat distension and throbbing or pulsating in arteries of head and neck. The head trembles, shakes, is moved from side to side or bored into pillow. Internal and external burning heat of Pains: throbbing, worse in forehead, ascending from nape, which and in outward passing stitches, bursting, cutting, from place to place, stabbing passing off in occiput, which draw eyes shut, violent stitching, boring or pressing in skull bones. Feeling as of: A stone in, water swashing in. Meningitis. Hydrocephalus.

External Head.-- Exquisite sensitiveness of, as if hair had been pulled, the least touch, or even pressure of the hair can hardly be borne. Profuse sweat upon the hair scalp and face, with dry heat of remainder of body. Worse: Afternoon, till midnight, violent motion, as ascending steps, stepping hard, coughing, etc., every movement, light, opening or moving eyes, noise, open air, stooping, lying with head low, drafts, uncovering head, cutting hair, cold bathing, getting wet, after anger. Better: External pressure, drawing head back, laying hand upon, reclining head, wrapping it up.

Eyes.-- Pains in orbits. Heat in. Conjunctiva is red and loosened. Inflammation of, with averted lids. Spasm. Bleeding lids. Sarcoma. Macular on cornea. Widely dilated pupils. Glistening, sparkling, red. Wild, unsteady or staring look. Squint. Photophobia. Paralysis of optic nerve. Vanishing of sight when raising up in bed. Vision lost, hearing remains unchanged. Sparks before.

Ears.-- Difficult hearing after scarlet fever or taking cold. Swollen parotid glands.

Nose.-- Heat, swelling and redness of. Sore, with swollen upper lip. Dry inside. Profuse bleeding from, and from mouth, with a red face. Very keen sense of smell. Much sneezing. Fluent coryza.

Face.-- Red, with burning heat. Bluish red, bloated. Smooth, erysipelatous, hot swelling of, spreading over head, with stupefaction, delirium, violent head pains, inflamed, fiery red eyes and great photophobia. Faceache, with intense cutting pains. Half open mouth. Lock jaw (trismus). Ulcerated angles of mouth. Swelling and induration of upper lip. Bleeding, cracked lips.

Teeth.-- Toothache (in children and women), after taking cold, insufferably worse by eating. Gnashing of.

Mouth.-- Dry, without (or with) thirst. Intense redness and inflammatory swelling of soft palate. Salivation. Inflammation of throat, with sticking when swallowing. Pharynx feels narrowed. Scratching in throat. Tearing in throat when not swallowing. Swelling and suppuration of tonsils. Extreme redness of tongue. Heavy coat of mucus on tongue and palate. Inflammatory swelling of tongue. Speechlessness.

Appetite: Loathes food. Burning thirst, with a dry throat and aversion to drinks. Hasty drinking with trembling.

Taste: Loss of Bread tastes sour. Of blood in mouth.

Nausea, etc. - Qualmishness with repugnance of food. Empty retching. Vomits, Green, mucus, first food, then bile.

Stomach.-- Distension of pit. Pressure in, after eating. Pains in.

Hypochondria: Stitches in spleen.

Abdomen.-- Painful distension of. Sensitive to touch. Painful clutching and griping in. Painful soreness in.

Flatulence: Flatulent colic with sensible distension of transverse colic, better by external pressure and stooping.

Stool.-- Retained. Involuntary. Constipation. Diarrhoea: Green with bellyache.

Urine.-- Diminished, dark red, fiery. Suppressed. Involuntary urination.

Sexual Organs.-- Violent urging and pressing toward genitals, as if everything would fall out. False spasmodic labor pains. Prolapsus and induration of uterus. Dry vagina. Metritis.

Female.-- Menses: Uterine hemorrhage of bright red blood with urging toward genitals. Bloody discharge during intermenstrual period. Foul smelling, lumpy lochia.

Respiration.-- Short, rapid breathing with open mouth and violent working of chest. Heavy breathing with oppression of chest. Danger of suffocation when swallowing or touching external neck. After rising in morning, want of breath in the room, better in open air.

Cough.-- In quarter hourly paroxysms at night, consisting of a few dry coughs in a rough, hollow, barking tone, excited by tickling as of feather down in throat, or as from constriction of larynx, sometimes a scanty expectoration of bright coagulated blood. Renewed by the slightest movement when in bed. Preceded by crying. Following by sneezing. Violent stitches in loins (in uterus) during. Complicated by cerebral inflammation.

Larynx.-- Constriction of. Extremely painful to touch. Loss of voice.

Back.-- Neck: Painful swelling and stiffness of and of nape. Distension of blood vessels in. Sour - smelling sweat on neck only. Painfully swollen cervical glands.

Chest.-- Oppression of. Rattling in. Violent pains in whole thorax. Congestion and throbbing therein, with restlessness. Violent palpitation which vibrates into head. Flow of milk from female mammae. Induration and swelling of mammae.

Upper Extremities.-- Paralytic heaviness of arms. Pressive tearing pains in shoulder. Scarlet red swelling of arms and hands. Twitching in hands. Hasty picking at the bed clothes.

Lower Extremities.-- Stitches in hip joint, most intense at night and when touched. Reeling, staggering gait. When rising from bed, the legs refuse their coffee and she sinks to the ground.

Generalities.-- Shattering of whole body. Trembling. Plethoric, full blooded patients. Congestion to different parts. Excessive hyperaesthesia of all the senses. Convulsive motion of limbs. Jerkings. Spasms with stiffness of entire body and unconsciousness. Sharp, cutting pains. Twitchings. Pains come and go quickly. The action of Bell. is intensified or excited by Hyos. and Stramonium. Loss of sensation and motion of one - half of entire body Great weariness. Paralyses of single parts. Sensation of a mouse creeping about in muscles. Typhoid fevers with unconsciousness or delirium. The slightest touch renews the attacks and intensifies the pains. Consequences of taking cold. The symptoms are intensified in the afternoon and at night. Restlessness delirium and somnolency.

Tissues.-- Glands swollen and indurated.

Skin.-- Dry, burning heat with pale or red skin. Alternate paleness and redness of. Smooth scarlet redness of, with dryness, burning and swelling. Glistening redness of, not circumscribed, with bloating. Swelling from insect stings. Gangrenous blisters. Boils.

Sleep.-- Deep, stupefying. Anxious desire for. Starting (jerking), during. Starting up in affright and flightiness during. He can sleep only in a sitting posture. Frightful phantasies which dissipate sleep appear before the vision, as soon as the eyes close.

Fever.-- Pulse: Ordinarily quick, often full, hard and tense, but sometimes also small and soft, seldom slow, and then it is full. Throbbing carotid and temporal arteries. Violent beating of the arteries. Chill: In evening, especially on extremities, most on arms, with heat of head. Internal, with external burning heat. Alternating with heat. Evening shaking chill. Coldness of limbs, with a hot head. Shivering, running down back. Heat: constant dry burning, with sweat on head and neck only. Internal, with anxiety and restlessness. Of forehead, with cold cheeks. Internal or external, or both at same time. Of head, with red face and delirium. Generally predominating. Sweat: Exclusively on the covered parts. With, or immediately after the heat, most on face. Of an empty rheumatic odor, and stains the linen. During sleep, by day as well as night. Entirely absent. Ascending from feet to head.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: ACO., Agar., Ambr., Ant-t., Ap., Bry., CALC-C., Cann., Canth., Caust., Cham., Chin., Cic., Cina., Coff., Colch., Coloc., Croc., Cupr., Dig., Gel., GLO., Graph., Hell., HEP., HYOS., Iod., LACH., Merc., MOS., Nit-ac., NUX-V., Op., Phos-ac., Phyt., Plat., Plb., PULS., Rhe., Rhus-t., Sars., Seneg. SEP., Sil., Stram., Sul., Valer.

Complementary: Calc-c., Hep.