Asarum europaeum


Mind.-- Pressive confusion in head. Vanishing of thought. Melancholy peevishness. Tearful sadness. Nervous excitement with liveliness.

Head.-- Pressive pain in forehead with qualmishness, worse by every mental exertion. Attacks of unilateral arthritic headache every afternoon at five o'clock. Compressive pain in forehead, temples and behind ears, with lachrymation and burning in eyes. Worse: Afternoon, walking, Better: Sitting, washing.

External Head.-- Entire scalp so tense that the hair feels painful, and the nerves are affected. Worse: Warm dry air. Better: Bathing in cold water.

Eyes.-- Burning and sense of dryness within. Red conjunctiva with sticking in canthi. Sense of coldness in. Bleared, inflamed. In evening when in room, burning as from brandy in, with constant lachrymation. Cold air feels agreeable, but sunshine, light and wind are unendurable. Staring. Dim vision.

Ears.-- Pressure and tension on orifice of auditory canal. Diminished hearing

Mouth.-- Much, cool, watery saliva in.

Taste: Bread and tobacco taste bitter.

Eructations: Foul. Heartburn with sour eructations which dull the teeth.

Nausea: Violent, empty retching which, worse all symptoms. Vomiting in violent efforts, with anxiety and chilliness.

Hypochondria: Smarting excoriating pain in spleen.

Abdomen.-- Pinching pain in left, extending into back. Intense colic with vomiting. Inguinal hernia.

Stool.-- Cutting in abdomen before. Prolapsus recti during. Discharge of black, thick blood during. After stool, pressing, with discharge of white, tenacious bloody mucus. Diarrhoea: Of tenacious, mucus, with blood, of undigested food, especially potatoes. Soft, with ascarides and reddish mucus.

Sexual Organs.-- Suppressed sexual desire. Menses. - Of black blood, too early and too prolonged. Violent pain in small of back, so that she can hardly breathe, at start of.

Respiration.-- Short, as though' one were breathing in a sack.

Cough.-- From irritation in larynx, with copious expectoration of mucus.

Larynx.-- Constriction of, with shortness of breath.

Chest.-- Contractive squeezing in lungs. Stitches in lungs during inspiration.

Back.-- Bruised feeling in.

Neck: Sensation as if cravat were too tight. Contractive cramp in neck, nape and limbs.

Lower Extremities.-- Chronic pressive pain in hips, which impedes stepping. Cramp in thighs. Weariness in knees. Stitches in ankles.

Generalities.-- Excessively sensitive nerves, scratching on linen, silk, etc. is unendurable. Sense of lightness of limbs, when walking he imagines himself floating in air. Symptoms from worms. Many symptoms disappear upon washing (the face) with cold water. Evening aggravation.

Sleep.-- Late falling to sleep on account of ebullition of blood.

Fever.-- Pulse: Quick and strong. Chill.: Sensation of coldness in forenoon, after eating, drinking and in open air, mostly with heat of head. Much shivering during day. Coldness and chilliness without thirst. Coldness alternating with flushes of burning heat. Heat, In evening after lying down, especially on face and palms of hands. Sweat: Sour smelling, increased at night, and otherwise when sitting still, most profuse in axillae. Generally very easy, especially on upper part of body.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Cupr., Nux-v., Phos.