Apis mellifica


Mind.-- Anxiety and premonition of death. Irritability and violent anger, every thing goes wrong. Extraordinary nervous restlessness, does not know what to do with herself, so that tears come to her eyes: over busy and inconstant. Screaming, or stupidity interrupted by sudden piercing shrieks. Unconsciousness. Absent - minded, impaired memory, indifferent. Suspicion and jealousy. Fidgetiness.

Head.-- Bursting, expansive pain in, with vertigo and mental confusion. Brain feels tired, gone to sleep and crawling in. Headache better from pressure and diarrhoea. Scalp: Sensitive. Hot sweat on. Pain like a blow, swelling of.

Eyes.-- Burning and itching of. Inflammatory or edematous swelling of lids. Lids averted. Stiff. Profuse lachrymation. Photophobia. Desire to rub. Better: Bathing in cold water. Profuse burning tears.

Ears.-- Purple. Swelling of lymphatic gland behind.

Nose.-- Cold tip. Itching and frequent sneezing.

Face.-- Puffy. Erysipelatous redness of. Red stripes on. Lips greatly swollen.

Mouth.-- Dry with burning raw feeling, as if scalded in, and in throat, followed by vesicles on edge of tongue, without thirst. Adhesive mucus in and in throat. Fiery redness and painful tenderness of buccal cavity and throat. Swelling, especially of tongue, Inflammation of and tongue.

Throat.-- Sense of constriction, soreness, stinging or itching in. Breathing and swallowing very difficult, every drop of liquid put upon the tongue nearly suffocates him. Swelling of, and of glands of, worse from hot drinks.

Stomach.-- Hot vapor seems to rise from Prickling as from needles. Oppression at pit. Burning in. Sensitive to pressure.

Eructations: Tasting like yolk of egg during headache. Drinking water, on.

Nausea, etc. - Progressing to vomiting, with fainting. Vomiting with abdominal symptoms or diarrhoea.

Thirst: Generally absent, but occasionally it is intense.

Abdomen.-- Bruised soreness of, pressure, sneezing or touch. Inflated sensation in. Rumbling in Heaviness in. Sickly feeling in.

Anus, Rectum and stool. - Diarrhoea, with feeling of rawness in anus, with extreme weakness. Stools pass with every motion of the body, as if anus stool open (phos.) Stools contain lumps of bloody mucus. Dysentery. Tenesmus. Diarrhoea with profuse urine.

Urine.-- Burning and soreness when urinating Frequent, profuse urination. Suppressed or scanty. Strangury. Brick dust sediment. Agg. Exertion.

Sexual Organs.-- Sexual excitement. Uterine hemorrhage with yawning. Miscarriage. Flow of menses relieves burning in abdomen. Ovaries: Stinging, drawing, cutting or sore pains, more in right, worse from coition, standing or walking.

Respiration.-- Suffocation. With a sensation that he would not be able to breathe again, can bear nothing about throat, wants to be fanned, worse lying down and in a warm room. Oppression of, with desire to take a deep breath. Respiration and cough are worse lying on left side.

Cough.-- Violent shocks of cough from a crawling irritation near the throat pit, increased headache at every shock. Worst: In a warm room, after lying and sleeping. Better: By little expectoration.

Larynx, etc.-- Hoarseness, in morning, with difficult breathing.

Chest.-- Stinging or stitches in. Bruised soreness, worse coughing. Fullness in. Heart: Feeble heart beat. Violent, audible palpitation. Acute pain below heart, extending towards right chest.

Neck and Back.-- - Neck stiff. Nettlerash on. Bruised feeling in. Odor from axillae greatly intensified.

Upper Extremities.

Sensitiveness of. Painfulness of bones. Numb finger - tips. Sensation as if nails were loose. Blood settles under nails. Burning, pricking, especially in finger - tips. Swelling of.

Lower Extremities.-- Feel paralyzed. Sore pains. Sensation in feet and toes, as if too large, swollen and stiff. Painful fullness in soles, as if walking on cushions. Crawling in. Numb.

Generalities.-- Swelling of affected parts, with burning itching, stinging or shooting pains, Edema, dropsy, anasarca, etc., puffing up of the whole body. Sense of tightness in many parts, especially abdomen. Bruised soreness all over. Sensitiveness of mind and body or apathy, numbness and anesthesia with awkwardness causing her to drop things. Lassitude, weakness and sudden prostration. Trembling. Sensation: Of sudden stinging or stabbing, of swelling, soreness, rawness, drawing, prickling, crawling or as if parts were going to sleep. Pain causes fainting. Symptoms often move from right to left. Want of thirst predominates.

Worse: Touch, heat. 3 PM

Better: Cold, open air.

Tissues.-- Swelled. Redness of lymphatics.

Skin.-- Stinging, prickling, burning, smarting and itching all over. Exceedingly sensitive, even the hair is painful to touch. Red spots, like bee stings on. Swelling and erysipelatous redness of, then desquamation of whole surface. Pale red swellings. Appearance of a nettlerash like eruption better the other symptoms. Receding of suppressed eruptions. Wheels. Urticaria. Burning like fire in spots, altho's parts may be cold. Better: Rubbing.

Sleep.-- Somnolency: With prostration, with nervous restlessness. Screaming out, or terrified starting during. Dreams, Full of laborious, of heat, of flying, quarrels, etc. Drowsy and thirstless.

Fever.-- Pulse: Full and accelerated, more seldom small and thready, occasionally intermittent and imperceptible. Chill, severest towards evening. Shivering c., in afternoon (3 or 4 o'clock) increased by warmth. Shivering from least motion, especially towards evening, with heat of head and hands. Heat: Without thirst. Sensation of heat. Dry, toward evening. The sensation of heat is greatest on the chest and epigastric region. Sweat: Alternating with dry skin.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Apoc., ARS., Bell., Canth., Chin., Coccl., Dulc., Ferr., Graph., Hell., Hep., Iod., Kali-c., Kali. iod., Lach., Lyc., Merc., Millef., NAT-M., PULS., Rhus-t., Sep., Sul., URT-U.

Antipsoric of Apis.: Bar-c. Nat-m.

Antidotes: Canth., Carb-v.