Antimonium tartaricum


Mind.-- Stupefying confusion of head with sleepiness. Restlessness and solitude concerning the future. Despair and hopelessness, with somnolence. Weeping and crying. Cheerful by day, but fearful and anxious in evening.

Sensorium.-- Stupefaction. Fainting preceded by coldness in the epigastrium and followed by sleep, raising up.

Head.-- Pressive ache in forehead, with inclination to close eyes. Tensive ache in forehead and one side, as if brain were rolled up into a ball (Arn., Chel., Coccl.). Throbbing in right side of forehead. Sticking headache. Heat and sweat of. Long - continued trembling of (and hands) Especially when coughing. Worse: Evening, night, at rest, sitting bent, warmth, getting warm in bed, lying, after eating. Better: Rising up, sitting upright, in the cold, lying with head high, motion, washing head.

Eyes.-- Inclination to close, as if weary and sleepy. Are drawn shut. Pressure on. Glimmering before, with dim vision Chronic optic - nerve paralysis.

Nose.-- Fluent coryza, with loss of taste and smell, chilliness and somnolency.

Face.-- Pale, sunken. Twitching of muscles. Dry, cracked lips.

Teeth.-- Chattering of.

Throat.-- Pains in pit of.

Stomach.-- Gastric pains, as from overloading it. Pressure in, and in pit, with great sensitiveness thereof. Throbbing in pit.

Appetite: Great, for fruit and sour things. Loathes milk. Thirstlessness. Desires cold drinks.

Taste: Salty in mouth. Food is tasteless.

Eructations: Empty. Nightly, as of rotten eggs.

Nausea, etc. - Constant, anxious qualmishness, and inclination to vomit. Violent retching, with sweat on forehead, Vomiting of food, with great exertion, followed by exhaustion, chill and sleepiness (Aeth.), of mucus with mucus diarrhoea. Alternate vomiting and purging.

Abdomen.-- Throbbing and pulsation in. Bellyache, with intense mental and physical restlessness. Pressure, as of stones lying in, when sitting bent forward.

Flatulence: Cutting, flatulent colic, worse sitting bent forward.

Stool.-- Papescent, mucus or bloody diarrhoeic. Watery diarrhoea follows bellyache. Diarrhoea with restlessness.

Rectum.-- Perineum: Violent tension in.

Urine.-- Dark, brown, red. Violent, painful urging to urinate, with scanty (often at end bloody) discharge. Burning in urethra after micturition. Suppressed.

Respiration.-- Difficult, necessitating an upright position. Short, from retained expectoration. Paralysis of lungs. Suffocative attacks, with sense of warmth about heart.

Cough.-- Short coughs following each other in quick succession, excited by tickling and creeping in throat and larynx, dry in evening, with expectoration of tenacious mucus, generally somewhat slat, often only flat or sour in morning. With vomiting of food and sweat on forehead. With Suffocative attacks. Rattling, hollow. Whooping cough after eating or anger (in children.) Nightly, with expectoration of mucus. After the paroxysms, dizziness, sweat on forehead, yawning and great sleepiness.

Larynx and trachea.-- Much mucous rattling in.

Chest.-- Oppression of. Rattling in. Perceptible palpitation with (or without) fear.

Back.-- Pains as from fatigue in, and in lumber region.

Neck: Weakness of muscles. Eruption on nape.

Upper Extremities.-- Twitching of muscles of arms and hands. Deadness and coldness of finger - tips.

Generalities.-- Great weakness and feebleness. Fainting attacks. Sense of internal trembling. Beating and pulsating in all blood vessels. Convulsive twitches. Sensitiveness of body to touch. The symptoms are intensified toward evening and when sitting.

Skin.-- Pustules like those of smallpox or cowpox. Eruption of pocks as large as a pea containing pus

Sleep.-- Jerks and shocks through body during. Intense and irresistible somnolency, with deep, stupefying sleep. Sleepiness, with involuntary closure of eyes. Much yawning.

Fever.-- Pulse: Full, hard and accelerated, sometimes intermittent. Strong throbbing in blood vessels. Often slow and imperceptible during decline of fever. Extraordinarily accelerated from the slightest motion. Chill: And external coldness predominate at all times of day, with somnolency, mostly with trembling and shaking, often as if water were poured over one. Alternating with heat during day. With a pale face. Heat: Violent, but of short duration after a long chill, increased by every movement. Long - continued, after a short chill, with somnolency and sweat on forehead. Sweat: All over, most profuse on face, also at night. Often cold and clammy. Most profuse on suffering parts. Intermittent fever, with thirstlessness and somnolency.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: BELL., Chin., Coccl., Con., Ip. NIT-AC., Op., Pul., Sep.

Complementary: Ip., Bar-c.