Angustura vera


Mind.-- Extraordinary distraction. Great crowding of thought like a waking dream in afternoon. Disheartened and want of self - confidence. Over - sensitive to offences. Extraordinary agitation and cheerfulness.

Head.-- In evening (pressing) head pains with hot face. Cramp - like headache. Tensive pain in temporal muscles when opening jaws.

Eyes.-- Tension and pressure in, as from too strong a light. The lids stand spasmodically wide open. Short sight.

Ears.-- Cramping pain in. Diminished hearing.

Face.-- Hot and bluish red. Tension in muscles of. Cramp - like pain in zygomae and in masseter muscles. Trismus: Lock jaw with widely retracted lips, exposing teeth. For a while after attacks, lips and cheeks remain blue. Periostitis of lower jaw.

Throat.-- Cramped feeling in, compelling clearing it, but no expectoration.

Stomach.-- Cutting, smarting pain in. Cramping pain in pit.

Appetite: Entire loss of, for solid food, he desires only coffee. Aversion to pork. Thirsty without desire to drink. Irresistible longing for coffee.

Taste: Bitter, in mouth after eating and smoking.

Abdomen.-- Cramping pain in. Cutting in, after drinking milk.

Stool.-- Mucus. Diarrhoea with cutting in abdomen.

Sexual Organs.-- Violent itching of.

Respiration.-- Intermittent, spasmodic. Oppressive tightness of chest when running and ascending.

Cough.-- Dry, with scratching and rattling in chest.

Trachea, etc. - Tenacious mucus in, which is not easily dislodged. Hoarseness from mucus in. Faint, soft voice.

Chest.-- A cutting ache in both sides of, at first only on inspiration, afterwards increased to cutting shocks which continue, even when patient holds his breath. Painful spasm in muscles of. Bruised pain in muscles of, when moving arms. Violent palpitation with anxiety.

Back.-- Painful stiffness between scapulae and in nape. Violent itching along back. Opisthotonos. Bruised pain in lumbar region, early in morning.

Upper Extremities.-- Cramp - like drawing through arms into fingers.

Lower Extremities.-- Cramping pain and bruised feeling in legs. When stepping, pain on inner side of ankles, necessitating limping.

Generalities.-- Tonic spasm excited by slightest touch, drinking and noise. Stiffness and stretching out of limbs. Spasmodic twitchings. Paralyses.

Bones.-- Caries and very painful ulcers which affect the bones and extend into the marrow.

Sleep.-- Sleepiness early in evening, followed by great vivacity until after midnight.

Fever.-- Pulse: Accelerated, spasmodic irregular and sometimes intermittent. Chill: Early in morning in bed and in forenoon, after previous thirst. Violent internal, every afternoon (3 o'clock). Repeated shivering chill over diseased parts. Shivering chill over back in forenoon (9 o'clock). Heat: In evening moist in face, after entering a room and after supper. After midnight (3 o'clock) which disturbs sleep, soon followed by shuddering, Sweat: Only in early morning, and on forehead.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Bry., Calc-c., Lyc., Rhus-t., Verbas. Tab.