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Mind.-- Inability to think connectedly. Anxious and peevish. Continued great weakness of memory. Mental activity alternating with inability to think. Great anxiety and apprehension. He takes everything in bad part. Alternate paroxysms of laughing and weeping. He views everything in a gloomy and discouraging light. Fear of losing his thoughts, his reason.

Head.-- Severe stitches in brain with inclination to vomit. Throbbing and pulsating in, or compressive pain over eyes, as if coming from temples, with congestion to eyes and nose and shaking chill. Humid scurf on temples. Worse: in early morning, walking in open air in evening. Better: Lying quietly, after eating.

Eyes.-- Pressure in, which impedes opening them. At night they are agglutinated. By day full of tears. Squint of both.

Ears.-- Stitches in. One ear is hot and red in evening. Purulent discharge from. Crepitation in when showing.

Nose.-- Redness and swelling of, Ulceration in. Sense of smell diminished.

Face.-- Tension in skin as if egg albumen had dried thereon. Pale. Bulbous excrescences or boils on, and on nose.

Teeth.-- Feel too long. Ache when chewing.

Mouth.-- Painful soreness of entire mouth when eating. Constrictive sore throat when swallowing. Difficult, painful swallowing of food, as from narrowing of oesophagus. In the evening and at night the throat pains are most intense, by warm food and drink.

Stomach.-- Constriction in, extending into throat and chest. Pressure in evening.

Hypochondria: Painful soreness in hepatic region extending to epigastrium, when stooping. Pain in kidneys.

Appetite etc. - Changeable. Bad effects of potatoes.

Eructations: Sour, and heartburn.

Nausea: And qualmishness when talking.

Abdomen.-- Sticking pains in, extending up into chest. Cutting pains in bowels, by warmth. Lead colic. Inguinal hernia.

Stool.-- Difficult from want of peristaltic action and inactivity of intestinal canal of mucus.

Anus.-- Varicose hemorrhoids and itching of.

Urine.-- Increased discharge of watery urine with burning.

Sexual Organs.-- Excessive sexual desire. Frequent pollutions. All complaints are worse after pollutions.

Female.-- Menses: Too scant, too early and too short, Abdominal colic before and during. Acrid, corrosive leucorrhoea before and after.

Cough.-- Early in the day, dry, later with expectoration. Short, dry, with arrested breathing.

Larynx.-- Suddenly appearing hoarseness not by hawking, mostly in afternoon and evening.

Chest.-- Pressing pain in, at night Constriction of when stooping. Thrusts at heart.

Back.-- Pain in as if a hot iron were thrust throw lowest vertebrae (Bufo). Sticking in. Bruised pain in lumbar region when at rest.

Upper Extremities.-- Paralytic heaviness of arms. Tearing from shoulders to fingers. Pain in arms extending to fingers, as if a hot iron was thrust through them. Tumid scurf on forearm. Cracks on palmar surface of hands.

Lower Extremities.-- Nightly stiffness, deadness and numbness of legs. Heaviness of legs.

Generalities.-- Involuntary motions and twitchings of head and other parts. Sensory illusions, i. e. as if certain parts of body had become larger. Extraordinary lassitude and fatigue, particularly from talking. Sense of constriction in internal organs. He is on alternate days. Many complaints are in afternoon and when sitting. He feels best during moderate exercise, in evening and in open air.

Skin.-- Herpes with itching, in evening, Humid tatters. Cracked. Skin symptoms are renewed and full and new moon. Brittle nails.

Sleep.-- At night, unrefreshing and entirely too light, Sleeplessness before midnight. Many anxious, frightful dreams at night.

Fever.-- Pulse Full and somewhat accelerated. Chill: Predominant and mostly toward evening, even in bed and by a warm stove, as well as after eating warm soup, often with heat of face. During day, and heat at night. In evening, following the chill there is Heat which spreads from face, but sometimes only attacks the right side of the body. Evening fever with prevailing chill. Sweat: At night, especially in early morning in bed, most profuse on face, often on right side of face only, with anxiety. Entire inability to.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: BRY., Calc - c, Cham, Ign, Ip, Lach, Nat - m, Phos., Plb., Pul., Verat - a.