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Mind.-- Disinclination and incapacity for mental labor, with speedy fatigue therefrom. Peevish and quarrelsome. Anthropophobia.

Vertigo.-- As if he sat in a high chair, by a nasal catarrh.

Head.-- Shaking in, as if the brain were loose. Confused heaviness, pressing down into root of nose, outward towards temples, or like a weight on vertex. Aching above forehead, compelling him to make the eyes small, with heaviness of eyes and nausea. Headaches associated with abdominal symptoms. Worse: From stepping hard and heat. Better: After eating and from cold. Scalp sensitive to touch, yet pressure feels good.

Eyes.-- Yellow rings before vision.

Ears.-- Ache when pressing teeth together.

Nose.-- Red in cold air. Epistaxis.

Face.-- And lips red. Sickly expression.

Mouth.-- Teeth yellow, seem sharp and hurt the tongue. Dry, burnt feeling in, Sickening smell from. Salivation, with hunger after breakfast.

Stomach.-- Distended, after drinking water. Pain in pit when making a misstep, it radiates backwards or upwards with every eructation, and then sinks back again.

Hypochondria: Distension, better by passing flatus. Stitches in liver. Uneasiness with heat, pressure and tension in hepatic region. Worse: Standing. Better: Bending forward or emission of flatus.

Appetite: Increased: For juicy or stimulating foods. Thirst for beer.

Taste: Metallic, like ink, bitter, nauseous.

Eructations: Bilious. Bitter after drinking water.

Nausea, etc. - Must sit still to avoid vomiting.

Abdomen.-- Distension: Much flatulent rumbling. Heaviness in, as of a stone, which falls to side upon which she lies. Feeling: Of weakness, as if diarrhoea would ensue, as though she had taken cold in, Gurgling, griping and pulsating within, Sensation of a plug between symphysis pubis and coccyx. Soreness of walls, Better: Pressure and discharge of flatus.

Stool.-- Urgent diarrhoea of light - colored faeces, preceded and accompanied by flatus and gurgling in abdomen from 2 to ten AM, with a sense of insecurity in rectum. Fainting during stool. Sudden diarrhoea in morning on rising, followed by a feeling as if more ought to come. Involuntary: With passage of flatus, during micturition, although solid. Of gelatinous mucus. Diarrhoea, with hunger, after eating. Loud, copious emission of hot, offensive flatus.

Anus.-- Weakness of sphincter, with loose sensation therein and fear lost stool should escape with flatus. Soreness, after stool. Itching hemorrhoids protrude during stool, by cold water.

Urine.-- On rising must run quickly to urinate.

Sexual Organs.-- Determinations of blood to pelvic organs, uterus, etc. Menses of dark, clotted blood, too early, too profuse and lasting too long. Increased sexual desire. Emissions without dreams.

Throat.-- Hawking up thick, lumpy mucus, easily loosened.

Chest.-- Stitches under mammae.

Heart and Circulation. - Pain in cardiac region extending to left scapula. Varicose veins.

Back.-- Neck: Tension, with compression in nape behind ears.

Back: Pain in, with heaviness in uterus. Lumbago alternating with headache. Heaviness with pressure. Bruised feeling in coccyx. Worse: Sitting or lying on back. Better: Motion.

Extremities.-- Jerking, drawing and dull sticking in finger, knee and elbow joints. Weariness and heaviness. Weak ankles and wrists. Bruised pain in tendo achilis.

Generalities.-- General mental and physical relaxation, especially affecting the veins, intestinal canal and sphincters, with a sense of insecurity in the latter or involuntary evacuations. Determination of blood to liver, head, chest and pelvic viscera. Sensations of heaviness, heat, dryness and crawling predominate in all parts of body. Gelatinous secretions from mucous membranes. Produces its effects slowly.

Worse: Stepping hard, heat, afternoon, especially the symptoms of mucous membranes.

Better: Open air, cold applications.

Skin.-- Golden yellow. Furuncles. Crawling, itching and biting in.

Sleep.-- Interrupted by hemorrhoidal irritation and sexual excitement. Dreams of having an involuntary stool.

Fever.-- Chilliness during stool. Cold feeling in occiput. Shivering through whole body, with griping above umbilicus.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Crot-t., Gamb., Gel., Caust., Hyos., Mur-ac., Nat - a, Nux - v., Oleand., Phos-ac., Pod., SUL.