Agaricus muscarius


Mind.-- Inclination to prophesying and versification. Timid or fearless, violent madness, Disinclination to speak and work.

Vertigo.-- In the sunlight. Vertiginous giddiness early in the morning and in open air, as from spirituous liquors.

Head.-- Headache, as from a nail pressing into side (r), Drawing ache extending to root of nose, in early morning when awaking. Twitching in forehead and temples, Senses of icy coldness on outside of. Worse: sitting quietly, standing. Better: Gentle motion.

Eyes.-- Disagreeable twitching in. - Quivering lids. - Vision, dim, as of a mist before.

Nose.-- Excoriated internally. Heightened sense of smell.

Face.-- Tearing pains in. Itching of.

Teeth.-- Tearing ache, by cold.

Mouth.-- Bad odor, as of horseradish, from. Excoriation of buccal cavity and tongue.

Stomach.-- Pressure in, after eating.

Appetite: Attacks of ravenous hunger in evening.

Eructations: Empty, alternating with hiccough.

Abdomen.-- Pinching and cutting in, with diarrhoea.

Flatulence: Copious discharge of flatus of a garlicky odor.

Stool.-- Hard, dark - colored, after previous constipation. papescent, with much flatulence and abdominal pain.

Urine.-- Clear, lemon - colored, Diminished.

Sexual Organs.-- Greatly excited sexual desire with flaccid penis. Intense exhaustion after coition.

Respiration.-- Compression of chest with frequent desire to take a deep breath. Tightness of chest and short breathing when walking.

Cough.-- Easy Expectoration of small, hard balls of mucus almost without cough.

Chest.-- Nightly profuse sweat on.

Back.-- Beaten and sprained sensation throughout whole. Great weakness in muscles of.

Upper Extremities.-- Weariness and heaviness in legs. Tearing in entire length of legs, as if in marrow of bones, motion.

Generalities.-- Great sensitiveness of entire body, to pressure and cold air. Extra ordinary weariness and bruised feeling after moderate exercise. Pains in limbs are continuous during rest and disappear during motion. Complaints often appear diagonally, for instances on right arm and left leg. Epileptic attacks with great physical exertion.

Skin.-- Itching - burning and redness, as after freezing, on many parts, particularly on nose, ears, fingers and toes. Closely aggregated white miliary eruption with violent itching.

Sleep.-- Great sleepiness, worse after eating.

Fever.-- Pulse, Somewhat accelerated in early morning, always slower as the day advances, very irregular and sometimes intermittent. Chills: And chilliness predominate, especially in cold, open air and when lifting the covers. Shivering over body running from above downward. Sense of chilliness with natural warmth of body. Heat: Slight, and almost exclusively on upper part of body. Sweat: Greasy, but not offensive, during sleep throughout night. - From slight motion.

Relationship.-- Allied Remedies: Bell., CALC-C., Cocci., Coff., LYC, Nit-ac., NUX-V., Perr., Phos., Pul., Sep., SIL., Bep, Complementary: Calc-c.