THIS is a tree of some height, the trunk and branches of which are covered with a thick, brownish and reticulate bark. Leaves alternate, oblong, cordate, rather tomentose on their lower surface, and supported by short petioles. Flowers in tufted panicles, ramose, arising from the axil of the leaves or the extremities of the branches; they are dioichous, with a simple, urceolate perigone having three divisions. Male flowers with six stamens, the filaments of which are attached to each other, and are inserted in a glandular disk. The female flowers are smaller, one unilocular, ovary, style wanting, stygma bilobed. Capsular berry, with two valves, con taining an oleaginous seed, surrounded by an aril crenated above. This tree is found in the provinces of Para and Rio-Negro. We use the red juice which is acrid and very poisonous and is obtained by cutting into the bark.

First day. -1. Vertigo from right to left, on waking in the morning. Difficulty of swallowing the saliva. Constriction of the isthmus of the pharynx; this pain increases progressively. Pain and pressure from within outwards at the right frontal eminence. 5. This pain intermits now and then and is less in the open air. Pain in the finger-nails, with swelling of the phalanxes. Painful pinching in the right calf.

Second day. He is unable to fall asleep in the evening, in bed. Confused dreams about houses which one is building, commencing at the upper stories. 10. The buccal cavity, the tonsils and the upper part of the pharynx are painful to contact, the soup, when chewing or swallowing it, seems to make these parts sore. Burning sensation in the throat. The urine is discharged less frequently. Dizziness, in the morning. He is indifferent and careless in regard to his business. 15. Sensation as if a foreign body, of the size of a walnut, had lodged in the interior of the left inguinal region, the whole morning. The face is highly colored. Tingling in the left thumb-joint. Stiff hands as from squeezing something in one's hands for a long time. Pain in the left hand; thirst. 20. He swallows his saliva with less pain and more ease. The urine is scanty and discharged less frequently, though he has drank a good deal; it is of a reddish yellow. The pains in the hands increase when the hands are joined. He is in the habit of drinking two tumblers of water before going to bed, and he urinates immediately afterwards; on the second day he drinks in the evening, but does not urinate. Pinching at the right side of the neck.

Third day. -25. Restless sleep, he dreams about violent quarrels. Marked copper-taste in the mouth, followed by spitting of blood for 20 minutes. No urine since 5 o'clock in the evening, on the second day. Since 4 in the afternoon he has been unable to fix his mind upon any one point; he continually repeats in his mind a tune, which irritates him, and of which he cannot rid himself. The whole mouth is painful. 30. Two pimples on the left cheek, they disappear in an hour.

Fourth day. At night, hard pressure in the sides of the thorax, though this does not hinder the breathing. Restless sleep, with dreams about occupations that are entirely different from his ordinary business; afterwards dreams about disputes. Tongue white-coated and cracked. His head feels heavy. 35. Stools mixed with yellow mucus. Bitter mouth. Palate insensible, with loss of taste.

Fifth day. Restless sleep. Violent starting during sleep. 40. Pain at the frontal eminence, at noon. He is unable to concentrate his attention on one object, though he has important business to attend to.


Indifferent and careless about business. He keeps repeating a tune against his will; this irritates him. Quarrelsome dreams. Is unable to fix his mind. Vertigo from right to left. Painful pressure at frontal eminence from within outwards. Pain at the frontal eminences. Pimples on the left check. Coppery taste in the mouth. Constriction of the pharynx, painful. Soreness of the mouth, tonsils and pharynx. Tongue white-coated and cracked. Difficulty of swallowing saliva. Sensation as if a small body had lodged in the left inguinal region. Stools mixed with yellow mucus. Scanty urine, with less frequent discharges. Hard pressures in the sides of the thorax, at night. Pinching at the right side of the neck. Stiffness of the hands. Tingling in left thumb-joint. Pain at the finger-nails, with swelling of the phalanxes. Painful pinching in right calf. Confused dreams about building houses. No sleep in the evening.