This dolphin is from 9 to 10 feet long; its body is large and cylindrical, of a brownish-gray color above and a pure white below. Its jaws, of equal length, are long, narrow, linear, armed on each side with 26 large conical, somewhat rugose teeth, with wide crowns. Its forehead is bomb-shaped, the eyes a little above the commissure of the lips. The pectoral fins are of considerable size, brownish at their extremities, and placed very low; the dorsal fin is elevated and semilunar. This dolphin, as its name shows, inhabits the mouth of the Amazon. It has a thick and fibrous skin, which we employ in medicine.

(Before trying the drug, the prover had paroxysms of cough with suffocation, during which a hernia protruded with much force.)

First day. -1. Slight pain at the navel, after five minutes. Feeling of a quantity of air in the stomach, with grumbling in the abdomen. Pain at the loins, on rising in the morning. Eructations. 5. Violent smarting and excoriating pains, shifting from the right thigh to the heel, then to the right shoulder; these pains are aggravated by contact. In moving the right toes, the bones cracked as if notched. Quickly passing pain at the right eyebrow (when coughing, the hernia did not protrude any longer with so much force.)

Second day. Doughy mouth. 10. He has not been troubled with suffocation and the cough is less.) Headache. Violent colic with soft and strong-smelling stools. Pain in the loins. Hard abdomen, especially on the right side, where he feels like a ball which is painful when touched, in the evening. 15. Dry lips.

Third day. Restless and disturbed sleep. (Cough continues.) Pain in the loins. The hardness in the abdomen has shifted to the left side. 20. Bleeding from the left nostril. (Before taking the drug he bled from the right nostril.)

Fourth day. Acid stomach. (Cough with suffocation.) Erections, with sexual desire. Itching at the anus as from worms. 25. The bones of the thorax are affected with rheumatic pains.