This stag whose forms are extremely fine and graceful, inhabits the forests of Brazil. Its size is about the same as that of our stag. Its skin the color of which never changes, is of a brownish fallow, being rather lighter towards the abdomen, the posterior part of the thighs and the tail. The inferior surface of the lower jaw, the part above and below the eyes, the interior of the ears and the abdomen are white; a black line encircles the jaws and gradually disappears under the lower one. The eyes of the guazouti are black, it has no canine teeth; its mouth, which is very slender, tapers to a muzzle. The horns which, in every case, are not very high and extremely regular, are at first straight; they curve forward in the second year, send forth three antlers, the anterior being placed about two inches above the burr, which is turned a little inward, and the other two at the superior and posterior part of the staff. The horns become bigger as they grow older, but the number of antlers remains the same. We triturate the skin, which should be used fresh and covered with the hair.

First day. -1. Copper taste in the mouth, and a sensation of heat in the throat when taking the drug. Light or comatose sleep, with dreams about men who are dressed in black, about pistol-shots, imprisonment. Uneasiness. At five o'clock in the morning, the head feels heavy and dull, especially the front part.

5. Constant heat in head. At half past nine the left side of the tongue feels hurt. Languid feeling, he wants to lie down. Unable to work. Sensation of goose-flesh as if someone were cutting cork close to him.

10. Repeated yawning. He feels cold though he is wrapt up well. Slumbers from half past two to three o'clock. Slight diarrhoea.

15. The heat in the face increases (at four o'clock). Dark-red spots, with inflammation of the right side of the face. Head dull and heavy. Heat about the legs. At six o'clock, slight pain around the navel, which, however, does not last long.

20. Pricking at the right nasal wing. At noon, the head feels compressed as by a band tied together at the nape of the neck. Bruising sensation in the left toes. Frequent pain, now in the left buttock, and then in the thigh. The left leg feels weak.

25. Small callosity above the internal ankle of the left foot. General feeling of weariness and of being bruised.

Second day. Restless sleep as the first night. Wakes several times at night, always preoccupied with the idea of quarrelling with somebody who frightened him. The dullness continues.

30. Weight at the forehead. Tight feeling at the inner side of the right leg, with red spots. Appearance like incipient erysipelas. Shuddering with twitching. Yawning.

35. Intermitting pain in the right groin after walking. Taste of doughy bread in the mouth. The sight is very sensitive to light, he cannot open his eyes in a spot which is illumined by the sun. At eight o'clock in the evening, pain in the right groin as if pricked with a pin, in the direction of the joint, for a quarter of an hour. The same pain is felt in the navel in a recumbent posture.

Third day. 40. Numbness of the arm on which he had been lying at night. Hardness of the left leg, with lancinations. Mottled appearance of the face. Red and humid spots on the left leg. Quiet and short sleep, he wakes four times at night.

45. Dullness of the head; same weight at the forehead. Heat in the right leg, where the red spot is; this is sensitive to contact. Taste as of doughy bread in the mouth. Depression of spirits in the day-time. Erection in the evening, with desire to lie down.

Fourth day. -50. Numbness of the hands and legs. Uneasiness in the left leg.


HEAD, &c.: 1. Depression of spirits. Weight at forehead. The head feels heavy and dull. Heat in the head. 5. The head feels compressed as by a band tied behind. Sensitiveness to light. Left side of the tongue feels sore. Taste of doughy bread. Copper taste in mouth, with heat in throat. 10. Mottled appearance of the face. Hot face. Pricking at right nasal wing. Pain in right groin after walking. Pricking pain in the right groin and navel. 15. Slight pain around the navel. Diarrhoea. Erection.

EXTREMITIES, &c.: Numbness of the arm on which he had been lying. The left leg feels weak. 20. Tight feeling at inside of right leg, with red spots. Hardness of the left leg, with lancinations. Heat at the legs. Heat in the right leg, where the red spot is. Bruising sensation in left toes. 25. Uneasiness in left leg. Restless sleep. Yawning. Quiet sleep, with frequent waking. Dreams about men dressed in black, about imprisonment, &c. 80. Yawning. Shuddering with twitching. Sensation of gooseflesh. Cold feeling. He feels weary and sore. 35. Languor. Numbness of the bands and legs. Incipient erysipelas. Callosity above the left inner ankle. Red and humid spots on left leg. 40. Dark-rod inflamed spots in face, right side.