Viola odorata.

Mind and Disposition.

The intellect predominates over the mind (emotions).

Increased activity of the intellect.

Hysteric mood with constant weeping.

Weakness of memory.

[5] Excessive flow of ideas.


Vertigo while sitting.

Congestion of blood to the head, with pricking in the forehead.

The head feels heavy and sinks forward.

Tension in the scalp, which extends to the upper part of the face.


[10] The eyelids are drawn down, as from sleep.


Stitches in and around the ears.

Aversion to music, especially to the violin.


Numbness of the tip of the nose.


Hot forehead.

[15] Tension below the eyes and above the nose, extending to the temples.

Respiratory Organs.

Shortness of breathing and violent dyspnoea as if a stone were lying on the chest.

Difficulty of breathing, with painful exhalation, anxiety and palpitation of the heart.


Aching pain in the (left) wrist.

Drawing pain in the elbow joint and dorsum of the hand.


[20] Passing burning, here and there, as if it concentrated there and burned there with a small flame.

Trembling of the limbs.

Relaxation of all the muscles.

Great nervous debility.

Hypochondriacal and hysterical complaints.